Five Questions to Ask Your Residential Mover

Before you hire a residential mover in D.C., Maryland or Virginia, ask some tough questions and see how their answers compare to what Victory Van offers. You’ll probably see that there’s no comparison at all.

1. How do You Calculate Rates and Fees?

There are several ways that movers estimate the cost to you.

  • Per-pound plus distance rate. This is the most common way to estimate what your price will be.
  • Hourly rate. This is normal in small, local moves but doesn’t provide a good estimate for long-distance moves.
  • Per-unit price. A per-unit (or per-cubic unit) price is the least reliable. Always ask for more details if you’re offered this pricing.

When you ask for an estimate:

  • Get it in writing.
  • Have it signed by you and the mover.
  • Ask about any additional fees.

Victory Van always provides a detailed, on-site estimate and a timeline for your move. We won’t surprise you with hidden fees or charges.

2. What Kind of Insurance do You Offer?

All moving companies are legally liable for ensuring your belongings are handled safely. But it’s a good idea to look into insurance coverage to make sure you can recover monetarily if your belongings are lost, stolen or damaged.

  1. What type of insurance does the mover offer?
  2. Do they have different options for coverage at different prices?
  3. What is the mover’s claims process like?
  4. How many insurance claims have been filed against the mover?

Most moving companies offer insurance at a per-pound rate. Be sure you understand exactly what will be covered in the policy.

3. Do You Hire Subcontractors?

Do you know who’s actually moving your belongings? In some cases they might be subcontractors who work for many different movers but don’t have professional training and experience.

When you move with Victory Van, you move with our trained, professional movers, not inexperienced people who do moving on the side. You deal with a single point of contact. You get top-notch service at every step, from the person who answers your phone call to the driver of your Victory-owned truck.

If you’re moving from one part of D.C., Virginia or Maryland to another, count on a mover who is rooted in the area with over 50 years of experience moving residents and businesses here.

As Allied Van Line award wining agents, Victory can move your family across state lines or across the world. At every step of your move, you can count on Victory Van to work for you.

4. Do You Have the Necessary Certifications and Licenses?

If your mover is transporting your belongings across state lines, they need a federal registration number. Some states require their own registrations.

  • Registration with the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT).
  • USDOT number authorizing interstate transportation of goods.
  • Federal operating authority numbers.
  • Commercial drivers’ licenses (CDLs) for all drivers.
  • State licenses, if they apply.
  • Certification from the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).
  • Certification as a Registered International Mover.

5. Are You Equipped to Transport Anything?

Does your mover have the knowledge and training to move everything you’ve got? Moving pianos and pool tables, for instance, requires specialized skill and training.

Other items that require careful handling include:

  • electronic equipment;
  • antiques and artwork;
  • extra-large furniture;
  • vehicles and boats.

The law doesn’t allow any mover to transport certain items:

  • hazardous materials like ammonia, bleach or paint;
  • combustible items like charcoal or gasoline;
  • batteries, matches or aerosol cans;
  • fingernail polish remover;
  • firearms;
  • propane tanks; and similar items.

If you have those items and you want them moved to your new home, you’ll have to carry them with you or make other arrangements.

The Right Answers

The right questions now will save you time, money and headaches later. Before you hire a mover, make sure they’ve answered your questions thoroughly and clearly.

Make it easy on yourself and call Victory Van today. We’re always the right answer when it comes to a safe, low-stress move.


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