how much does it cost to move a piano?



You’re moving into a new house and need to move the piano. But that’s not just a piece of furniture. It’s a source of joy and creativity, and maybe even a family heirloom. After 50 years of moving pianos, we know that the first questions you ask yourself are: How am I going to move my piano? And how much will it cost me to move it? Many factors play into the final cost and this blog post will explain them to you.

Moving a piano



Factors to consider when calculating the final cost.


1.- The shape of the piano

Is your beautiful piano an upright or a grand or baby grand piano? The grands are a unique shape and are much more difficult to maneuver and move safely. These will be more expensive to take care of than an upright. Your moving company will ask for the type, size, make and model of the piano to calculate the costs, determine the value, and estimate labor and tools required for the job.

2. The size and age of the piano

A piano is heavy! It can weigh close to 1,500 pounds. Bigger pianos take more resources such as special boards and dollies. Naturally, grand pianos will cost more to move than a baby grand which already costs more to move than an upright piano. Concert grand pianos can weigh several hundred pounds more than a baby grand and this will have to be factored into the final cost. Make sure to specify the piano correctly as upright or grand. While measuring the size of an upright piano, measure from the floor to the lid. If you have a grand piano, you should measure from one end of the keyboard to the bow.

3. The distance of your move

moving distance

How far away are you moving? The cost to move a piano down the street will vary from the cost to move across the country. Moving your piano cross country takes more time and fuel which will also be reflected in the cost. A professional moving company may also have specially-equipped trucks with ramps, hydraulic lifts, and several rings and clips to secure the piano properly during transport. All of these options will be considered when pricing your move.

4. Unique features and obstacles

All things in the path of the piano will affect your cost. Flights of stairs and narrow hallways will contribute to pricing. Also if you live in, or are moving to, a remote area or a house that would require a balcony move, cost and timing will need to be adjusted accordingly.


Apartment building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.moving a piano








The Delicate Task of Moving a Piano


While piano moving may seem like a simple task to the uninitiated, it is a complicated process and requires proper training. You can expect professional piano movers to turn up on the moving day with a specially-equipped truck, ramp, moving dolly, skid board, locking belts, moving pads and blankets. They will also have the necessary tools to dismantle the piano for transport if needed.

Smaller pianos are usually moved in one piece. If you have an upright piano, your mover may start by placing a blanket on on side of the piano. Then the movers will lift the other side and position the dolly right in the center below the pedals. While moving a grand piano, the movers may choose to remove the three legs, the pedal box, and the music rack and then tilt the piano on the long end onto a skid board.

Always make sure the piano’s lid is closed and locked to prevent any damage to the keys during transport. The body should also be covered with moving pads and secured with tape to prevent scratches.

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