Local Mover Price Options

In this post we discuss the pricing options available to our neighbors making local moves.  Our consultants have two price choices to recommend either hourly or fixed based.  Lets examine some of the factors that contribute to a local move contract.

Why Fixed Price

For local moves, most consumers prefer a fixed price. If our moving consultant is able to see everything that is to be moved and able confirm the origin and destination conditions (elevator, multiple flights), then usually a fixed price solution makes good sense. Not surprisingly the fixed price solution is employed for the majority of local moves.

Why Hourly Price

Occasionally a local move consultant will not bind the estimate to a fixed rate  Sometimes the client will request the very same. The hourly non-binding estimate is usually offered because the entire shipment (or move) may not be visible (overloaded mini-storage or basements add time) or there are conditions that make determining a time difficult (like having to share an elevator).

The move consultant will draft an estimate with the number of hours he thinks it will take, with the local mover team record the actual amount of time used to pack, transport and deliver.

Contributing Factors

The estimate of charges is usually based on the number of men and trucks.  A simplistic example will illustrate common local mover price options and estimation factors.

Lets consider a family moving from a two bedroom apartment in Fairfax, VA to a single family home in Leesburg, VA.  The customer is managing the packing/boxing of all contents of their home.  Our team would manage moving/loading of the boxes and furniture with local transport and off loading. 

The Fairfax VA point of origin is an apartment complex with stairs only, no elevator, so the consultant factors in the added steps into the total hourly move rate.

In this example, the consultant estimates the following: 1 truck and 3 men for 7 hours plus 1 hour of travel.  The family would budget about $960. The consultant could bind the move as is or add some time (1/2 hour or 1 hour) depending on their assessment of the packing.

Local Mover Price Quote

With over 90 years of experience moving the Washington DC regions families, business and institutions we have developed a great tradition based of quality customer services, great pricing and taking care of your most precious belongings.  Contact a local mover consultant at Victory Van Corporation for a quote on you next move.

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