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Moving Company for The Washington Research Library Consortium

Victory Van’s expert team of white-glove library movers will thoroughly plan and manage every aspect of library relocation. We combine expertise with specialized library crates and moving totes to ensure books can be replaced on shelves accurately in the new location. We help libraries move to new locations, or temporarily relocate and/or store collections while renovations are being made in the existing facility. From IT and audio/visual materials and equipment, to rare books and documents, and the stacks and furnishings themselves, we keep library assets in good condition and in good order, and get everything set up to be back in use as quickly as you desire

Our library relocation customers include:

  • National Geographic Main Library
  • US federal Court of appeals main library
  • Clifford Chance attorney at law main library
  • Denton’s attorney at law main library Washington DC office

We have recently been awarded the contract to handle Washington Research Library Consortium.