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Victory Van’s IT services:

Disconnect, Reconnect & Test

Victory’s skilled teams will use highly refined processes to handle desktop workstations, computers and other equipment quickly and accurately.

Data Center Relocation

Planning and executing a data center relocation is a challenge—these are complicated moves. Our qualified technicians are here to help you every step of the way-from planning to execution.

Hardware Deployment

Rolling out a new computer or phone system can drain your IT team. Victory Van can roll out your new tech, including setting up and testing your new equipment, while your IT team focuses on keeping business running as usual.

Recycling & Repurposing

Victory Van can decommission, recycle and repurpose your E-waste materials.

Technology Change Project Management

We work closely with you during the planning stages to help you get organized, and professionally supervise every aspect of your technology change project and to keep within budget.

Technology Inventory Services

Keeping track of computers, printers and equipment often takes a backseat to other business. But, accounting for your technology assets is important.

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Victory Van High-Tech Customers Include:

Bulletin News moved their offices from McLean to Reston, Virginia. There were 50 people included in this move. A unique feature of this company was the fact that they are completely internet based with very little furniture or files. Victory Van provided specialized crates for each person’s p.c. so that every work station was contained in one crate. This allowed the IT department to set each unit up very quickly and greatly facilitated packing cubicles.

The NPD Group moved its Virginia office from 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive to 13461 Sunrise Valley Drive in Reston. This move was unusual because of the large numbers of p.c.’s included in the move and the relocation of a very large server room with extensive computer equipment. The move was completed on time and on budget.

Gratis Internet moved from 819 7th Street NW to 700 12th Street NW, and then to 1825 Eye Street NW. Victory completed both moves. This was a difficult move because of the unique nature of furniture of Gratis Internet. As a web based company, their computers were of primary concern and the ability to get all systems functioning quickly was crucial. Victory Van provided state of the art pc bins for each work station which worked perfectly. All furniture and equipment was delivered successfully and the project was completed on time and on budget.