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Selecting a well-qualified commercial moving partner for your enterprise can help promote a less stressful relocation. Victory Van possesses the expertise, facilities, and resources required to assist companies moving to (or from) Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.

We serve a wide variety of enterprises. For instance, assembling or moving commercial furniture, fixtures, and equipment into newly constructed facilities sometimes poses logistical challenges. We’ll help your firm experience a smoother startup process, whether you seek hotel FF&E assistance or a partner to coordinate the stocking of a new retail outlet.

Enjoy Carefree Relocations

Imagine how pleased your staff will feel when Victory Van coordinates a smooth, seamless enterprise relocation. Reduce some of the stresses associated with personnel re-assignments.

We’ll help pack, transport, store and unpack office furnishings, fixtures, inventories, equipment, archives and executive household belongings quickly and efficiently! We offer excellent storage and archival services for government, multinational corporations and local retailers.

Four Key Victory Van Advantages

We offer five key advantages for enterprises seeking to establish a presence in the highly competitive Greater Washington D.C. Area. Contact us to obtain these important services:


1. Experienced assistance during every phase of a business relocation.

Call us to obtain experienced relocation services. We’ll assist your enterprise during the most preliminary planning phases and throughout the entire course of a relocation:

  • We offer planning and logistical support services for both household and business relocations, so you can coordinate seamless inventory and personnel transitions;
  • Use our modern storage facilities in Dulles, Alexandria, Gaithersburg, and Frederick.
  • Complete records storing archive facilities available for your convenience;
  • Packing and unpacking services available;
  • Moving and transportation services;
  • Our multi-client storage facilities help lower total moving costs!
  • A dedicated coordinator will manage and monitor your shipment from start to finish.


2. Comprehensive logistical and distribution support.

Victory Van supplies complete logistical and distribution support services. Some advantages we offer include:

  • Access a wide variety of material handling equipment and rigging.
  • Tailgate and inside deliveries available for your convenience.
  • Environmentally controlled storage available.
  • Complete masonry-built, secure storage facilities;
  • You’ll obtain 24/7 access to stored items;
  • Military-approved, clean, modern storage facilities;
  • Temporary and long-term storage available;
  • Repacking services available.


3. Both domestic and international relocation networks.

You can request our assistance with moves across town or on an international scale. Just consider some of the helpful services we offer:

  • We can receive goods and ship them anywhere in the United States or overseas;
  • Access a wide range of sea, air, roadway and courier capabilities;
  • We offer competitive rates whether you ship single boxes or entire truckloads.
  • Manage and support customs documentation and logistics.


4. Established inventory management and control procedures.

You’ll gain the ability to track your inventory during the relocation process when you rely on Victory Van. Use these important control procedures:

  • We implement complete inventory tracking;
  • Our meticulous inspection and inventory control protocols promote more secure shipping;
  • We use barcodes and scanners to help monitor items in transit;
  • Digital images help document any shipping damage or exceptions;
  • Our advanced fire protection and anti-theft systems safeguard your shipments during storage.


Call Victory Today

Do you contemplate opening a facility in Virginia, Maryland or Washington D.C. (either as a startup or as a branch relocation)? Retaining a reliable commercial moving and logistics partner, your enterprise can enjoy a better opportunity to take advantage of available cost-saving opportunities. Careful advanced planning sometimes makes a significant difference in controlling total relocation expenses.

Use our moving expertise. Victory Van’s skilled logistical support team offers a valuable resource. We possess experience moving both businesses and households. Call us today at 703-751-5200 to explore our services in depth!


About: Victory Van provides moving and storage services with warehouse locations in Alexandria Va, Dulles VAFrederick Md and Gaithersburg Md.  Contact Victory Van for speciality moves, storage and more.