When Size Matters

When you’re choosing a commercial mover in the D.C. area, you might be tempted to call a small company. Maybe you think you’ll save money, or maybe you’re worried about a large company treating you impersonally.

Are there times when size matters? We think so, especially when it comes to moving your office, hotel, or retail business. Here are three questions to consider when deciding who you’re going to call.

1. A Rough Ride?

A small moving company may show up with a couple of beat-up trucks that look like they’re on their last legs. Worse yet, the movers may not even own a truck or van and may have had to rent one. Are you going to trust your valuable belongings to that kind of rough transport?

Victory owns its own fleet of over 100 trucks, and we’re ready to roll when you are.

  • Our clean, smooth-riding trucks are equipped with GPS, padding and the latest safety features.
  • We continually maintain our trucks in top operating condition with regular maintenance.
  • Our drivers are professionally trained and experienced.
  • Proper packing ensures your items travel safely, gently and speedily.

2. Who’s Moving You?

When you’re moving your office, business, hotel, retail store, or nonprofit agency, you’re entrusting some of your most important and valuable items to your mover. Before you let strangers get their hands on those belongings, it helps to know who they are.

At Victory Van, our employee-owners treat our business like it’s their own, because it is. That means they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your furniture, equipment, files and data are handled with the utmost care. That’s also why we’ve won numerous awards for customer service when it comes to residential and commercial moving.

  • Our employees undergo rigorous background and drug screenings, and some have security clearances.
  • We continually invest in ongoing training to keep our employees’ skills sharp.
  • We always provide the right number of workers to ensure your job is properly staffed.
  • You get a level of personal care and concern that only an employee-owned company can offer.

3. Out of Room?

Most commercial moves will require storage at one point or another. A new hotel might have to store its fixtures or equipment until construction is completed. A remodeled office space will need a temporary home for its data files. Or maybe you’re expecting a shipment and you’re not sure of its arrival time but want to be sure it has a secure place where you can pick it up.

Are you going to trust all that to an unstaffed, do-it-yourself storage bunker with maybe one security monitor, or are you going to trust Victory Van’s professionally-staffed, fully-monitored, bar-coded warehouse space?

  • Victory controls over 500,000 square feet of warehouse space to handle all your short- or long-term storage needs.
  • We use the latest in fire, theft and flood protection.
  • Round-the-clock security surveillance is provided by ADT.
  • Your data and magnetic files are kept in a separate, secure space to avoid data mingling.
  • You control access to your vault and can get to it any time, day or night.

Make the Right Call

Whatever size of move you’re looking at, whether it’s one office or a huge industrial complex, you can trust Victory Van to move you safely and efficiently. Call us today and discover that when it comes to choosing a commercial mover, size really does matter.


About: Victory Van provides moving and storage services with warehouse locations in Alexandria Va, Dulles VAFrederick Md and Gaithersburg Md.  Contact Victory Van for speciality moves, storage and more.