Employee Owned and Customer Driven

Victory Van Corporation is employee owned—rewarding our customers with a higher degree of commitment, performance and personal care on every job.

Victory Van’s permanent employees become partial owners of the company. That’s why we take such care in hiring the right people. From driving, packing, project management and sales, to our administrative and warehouse personnel, we also make sure we put the right people in the right jobs so they can shine and build a long-term career with us.

Our employees are members of the Victory Van family, and our top people know the names of their family members. Together, we work as a loyal, ethical and tight-knit team. We take genuine pride in the values Victory Van stands for, the quality of our work and the experience we are able to deliver. At the end of the day we feel good—and our customers do, too.

Cliff Marble Fleet Management

“I’ve been with Victory Van for 27 years. I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else. I’m a real part of this company. When I earn Safe Driver or Driver of the Year Awards or take new training, I feel it makes a difference to the company, our customers and to my own future. I’m honored to be part of the lives of the people we move.”

Dave Kennedy President

“Imagine 200 people all doing the right thing for customers! That’s what employee ownership means at Victory Van.”

Chris Patton CEO

“Victory Van operations are rigorously inspected. Our quality control programs are the best in the industry. We are closely monitored by auditors and an independent board of directors. And thanks to our culture of ownership and reinvestment, we continue to surpass even the highest expectations.”