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I want to write a separate email highlighting the exemplary and outstanding work that Joe Hooker provided…

Joe also constantly looked for ways to reduce risk and improve efficiency during the move. Every 30 minutes he would come find me and provide me with a status update on the job. This update would include what tasks were still left to be done, any problems that could arise down the line, and any solutions he had to those potential problems. Joe and I would discuss these items and adjust the project plan accordingly so that we could complete the move in the least amount of time as possible.

Joe was also able to effectively communicate the requirements of the job to his workers in an efficient and accurate manner. After providing Joe with a quick five-minute review of the office and the tasks that needed to be completed, he was able to summarize that information and disseminate it to his workers in a message that was simple yet comprehensive. I can corroborate the effectiveness of his communication because the workers had very few questions or confusion throughout the entirety of the job. (Something I would not expect if a different project manager was there). His communication and leadership skills allowed us the complete all the tasks in an efficient manner.

Tysons Corner, VA


Thank you, Victory Van Corporation! This was the first time I’ve used a professional moving company and I could not have been more pleased. From start to finish, the entire process was made as easy as possible. Paul Skolaski, my moving consultant, was extremely knowledgeable and gave me all the information I needed up front to make a decision on which moving company I would eventually hire. He answered all my questions and gave some really practical tips for packing and moving.

The moving crew was absolutely amazing, too! Frank (I can’t remember his last name) my lead mover, was so great. He, along with his crew, worked quickly and were very efficient. Frank knew exactly what to do and had his crew organized so the loading and unloading process went as smooth as possible. Any question I had or request, Frank and his crew were more than happy to help. Moving from one state to another state is stressful enough, but to have such a positive experience took much of the stress away. I hope I won’t have to move again, but if I ever do, I would definitely use them again.

Alexandria, VA

Good morning. Victory Van is our local Allied representative. On Saturday my husband received information on a job package which requires a cross-country move. They indicated a lump sum amount for the move which I believe (from many moves) is low. I contacted Victory Van via email on Saturday night. When I opened email early Sunday I had an email from Stephanie outlining what she would need to help. (I am deaf and don’t use the phone for lengthy conversations since I go through an operator.) I emailed her the information I had and heard back early this morning that she has forwarded it to a Mr. Bill Quinn who would be getting back with me today.

Our experience in the past with Allied was excellent but at that time we were being moved by the Federal Government a large client. This time we are private citizens who if we accept the offer will pay first and ask for reimbursement. A good rough estimate going into a negotiation is important because if there is a huge disparity we cannot make the move. I was so impressed with Ms. Hopkins because: 1) she actually read my email and responded as I asked rather than calling. So many people ignore that and just use the regular process 2) she was thorough. I knew what I had to do. 3) This exceptional service happened over a weekend which was remarkable in itself. I can only hope Mr. Quinn responds as quickly when he receives the information. You have a great employee in Stephanie. Please recognize her.

Frederick, MD

Just wanted to let you know that Bonnie and Sparkle are great employees and you should hire more like them. They’re incredibly cheerful, fast, and efficient. They’re both hard workers with a can-do attitude.

Mrs. Mr & Siegel
Frederick, MD

Exceptionally professional, courteous, efficient and hard-working group. They are handling my international move right now. It couldn’t have been smoother. I have complete confidence in them. I would hire them again, and recommend them without qualification.

Brian Roe
Sterling, VA

Hi Kristina, Thanks for checking in. The guys showed up about 830am this morning and it only took about 10 minutes. They were excellent! I will definitely recommend you to friends and if I ever need to move again, you will be the first place I come to. Thanks for your flexibility and for having such a great company! All the very best,

Sterling, VA

We are extremely pleased with the service Victory Van Corporation provided. Kristina was very responsive to us and the moving crew was stellar. They were very neat, organized, and efficient – we cannot compliment them enough for the wonderful service they provided. Additionally, we would be remiss not to mention Walter Landerverde. He was a delight to work with – great communication skills, so friendly and happy; definitely a wonderful representative of your company.

Sterling, VA

Kristina, Sorry for our delay in getting back to you, but the delivery was smooth and all pieces and parts arrived in great shape. We are greatly appreciative of all your hard work and promptness. Our daughter was overjoyed to get her toys back! We really appreciate all your help. Who knew moving across the world could be so easy?

Mr. Ross
Sterling, VA