Storage Solutions. What is Non-Racked Storage?



The right storage for your business


When you think of storage units, you probably picture a warehouse stacked with racks and pallets. Racked storage is good for holding many items in a compressed space, but there are times when it’s not the right solution for your commercial storage needs.

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Victory Van provides different kinds of storage to suit your business needs. When you call us, we’ll get your belongings properly packed and safely stored. We’ve stored everything from Girl Scout cookies to Red Cross supplies, and we’ve kept it all safe from fire, water damage, pests and thieves.




OS&E* and FF&E*

(*Operating Supplies and Equipment/ *Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment)

If your business relies on large, specialized equipment and other furnishings, Victory Van knows that it isn’t always easy to fit them into the standard pallet space. You might have:

  • industrial-sized oven ranges
  • artwork collections
  • office desks and cubicles
  • carpet-cutting machines
  • forklifts and trailers
  • construction materials
  • bus or truck washing machines
  • any equipment that doesn't fit neatly into a crate or rack


art special storage conditions usastorage special equipment usa
storage furniture fixtures and equipment



Whatever they are, we’ll find the right spot for them, and we’ll make sure they’re kept safe until you need them.


Items that need climate control


A warehouse with climate control is always a convenient option. For some items, it’s a necessity. These include:

  • electronic equipment
  • winesfood wine storage solutions
  • coin and stamp collections
  • antique furniture
  • food items

If your business deals with any of these, don’t risk letting your inventory get destroyed by mold, mildew or dry rot. Victory Van can store them in units that are fully climate-controlled and outfitted with fire protection.

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Data Storage


Storing data requires special handling. Our data storage vaults meet or exceed the industry requirements for secure, easily accessible data storage.

  • Magnetic data is stored separately to avoid mingling of data
  • Barcoding technology makes search and retrieval easy
  • Meets the standards for magnetic media storage required by the Professional Records and Information Management Association (PRIMA)

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Customized solutions


Victory Van can create a custom solution to store your items before a move or during a renovation. We’re also a full-service supply chain partner, offering:

storage solutions customized service



When you partner with Victory Van for your storage solutions, we won’t rest until we find the one that works for you. Call Victory Van today and discover why thousands of area businesses and government agencies have made us their top choice when it comes to moving and storage.