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warehouse storage services victory vanHow do you know when you need storage? Is it really a necessity? What can you do about it? Since it is a very personal decision, one that depends even on your personality (some people LOVE having lots of things around while others enjoy minimal-decoration spaces) it is hard to say when someone should store their belongings.


Some people feel more comfortable leaving their valuables in the hands of experts, others don't. Yet, there is one very basic "no-storage-needed" situation and other undeniable "storage-is-a-must" events. We'll work around these must and must-not situations, knowing that in the end, it is always a very personal choice. So let's cut to the chase and describe both situations:


No Storage Needed

There are times when one just has too much of everything and a little decluttering wouldn't hurt. If you are going to hire a storage company or unit just to put things away, it might not even be worth the monthly-fee that you are going to pay. You might be facing a decision-making problem. Face your fears and declutter! You will feel lighter as well as empowered by your decision-making, since storing them would only mean "will deal with that later".  This usually means it will never happen. Deal with it now! Do You really need that 30 year-old dress that reminds you of a special event?  Let go of it! If it helps, take a picture of it so it is easier for you to let go and "save it forever" in your memories. That toy collection you just can't let go... give it to children with no toys! This is your chance to feel good about yourself and to make others feel good as well. Bottom line: do not store clutter, make decisions and let go!


Storage is a Must

Now, there are other situations when you really need help saving your very useful items or valuables for a short or long period of time. Such moments might be:



  • Short Term. You just got a scholarship and will move to another state or country for a semester or even a year. You don't want to keep paying expensive rent just to save your things...time to store! Once you come back, your things will be right there, safely waiting for you. Another situation that fits into this category is when you are moving from one house to another. Sometimes the move-out and move-in times match well, but sometimes they don't. Maybe you have to leave your old house but the new one is just not ready to be inhabited yet. What do you do with all your things? This situation screams for storage. Stay at a hotel while your new house is ready and do not worry about your things. Leave them at the hands of experts.

  • Long Term. Let's say you've decided to move from a big house in the suburbs to a tiny apartment in the city. There is no way all of your items will fit into such a tiny space. You don't know how many years you'll be there (maybe forever?), yet you want to save things that are still useful and that you won't be buying over and over again, every time you need them. For instance, your kayak, your skiing equipment or something of the such. You won't be needing it often and it doesn't fit in your home, yet you will indeed need it for your next vacation. Summer furniture, a barbecue... you don't need to have them at your place all-year-round yet it is useful to keep them for those special once in a year occasions.

Buying/selling a house.

Time to sell a house? You know you can live with your clutter (you love your things!) but potential clients would probably appreciate getting a look at the house, not at all of your stuff! Leave the essentials only and store the rest while the house is sold.

On the other hand, if you are buying a house and have the time to look while still being at your old place, congratulations! Otherwise, time to store your things while you check out what the Real Estate market has to offer. Do not rush into buying something that you are not 100% satisfied with just because you need to put your things "somewhere". Take your time and choose well. Your things will be fine is they are properly stored in the hands of experts.


Going away for the summer or for a couple of weeks

Vacations to Europe? College vacation and visiting your parents for some weeks? You might leave or sublet your apartment while you are gone and will want to store some special items that you want to recover once you are back (either if you come back to your same old apartment or rent a new one). Some clothes, your printer, books, pictures... short-term storage will do.


Protect valuables

Maybe you are not moving, you are not going anywhere. You just have some real valuables that you want to keep safe and know that they'll be safer in the hands of experts. Not just for safety reasons but also in terms of keeping them in a climate-controlled area, for example. Special files or documents, artwork, wine collection... Something you do need and want to save, but needs special care. You won't just put it in any storage unit, exposed to changes in weather or burglars. You'll leave it in the hands of experts and rest assured they will be ok, of course. Storage companies offer insurance, safety, climate controlled areas and will help you moving your things in and out. These services come in handy when caring for valuable items.


Hiring Professionals

victory van professional storageThere are of course many other situations that might require storage, we just mentioned the most common ones here. Once you've realized you do need storage, make sure you choose a professional and experienced company to look after your items. Consider if storage units are your option or if it would be best to hire a full warehouse service. Storage units might sound cheap but in the end, if you consider that you have to move things yourself (with no professional equipment, no experience) and the monthly fees that you'll end up paying, there is not much difference in terms of the amount of money that you'll be spending compered to hiring warehouse storage services. But there will be a big difference in how your things will be handled, supervised and taken care of.

Victory Van is an experienced moving and storage company that would be glad to store your things, either for a short or a long period of time. Give us a call and we'll be happy to come and talk to you about your specific storage needs. We are a flexible, experienced and reliable company, you and your things will be in good hands with us.

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