Short Term Storage on Short Notice



When You Need Storage on Short Notice

Sometimes life throws you a curve, and when that happens, you might need  storage - short or long term. These situations are stressful and not much fun, but having quick, easy access to a storage solution can help with one major headache, namely, where to put all that stuff.

If you’re facing a life crisis that could use some storage help, call Victory Van today. We can’t make the life problem go away, but at least we can fix the storage problem for you.

Home or Business Staging

If you suddenly have to sell your home or commercial property, you want it to look clean, uncluttered and neutral so that it’s more attractive to potential buyers. You also want to make sure any valuables, classified documents and other important items aren’t left out in the open.

Victory Van's Home Staging

Victory Van’s pack-out service will remove the items and get them out of the way.

  • Your belongings will be safe in our controlled-access storage units.
  • Storage will give you breathing room to decide what you’re going to keep, without making rushed decisions.

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Bad Breakups

Divorce happens, business partnerships dissolve, and live-in relationships end. In those cases, one partner often needs a place to stash their things while they’re making other arrangements. Victory Van’s packing and moving services can help you with things such as:

  • Having everything taken to your new place once you find it.
  • If your belongings don't fit in your new home or commercial space, we'll keep them stored until you can donate or sell them.
  • Providing a storage unit that will keep your belongings and business data safe.
  • Delivering items directly from our local storage facility to a donation or sale site.

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Overhauling or Remodeling


If you’re doing major structural work or renovations to your property, you need to clear everything out. Here are some things to think about:

  • Work progresses faster if you don’t have furniture getting in the way.
  • Important business documents and equipment need to be protected during a renovation.
  • Flood, fire and other disasters mean you need a safe place to keep your possessions while your home or commercial space is being restored.

By using storage units, if an emergency forces you to leave your home or workplace, you can be sure that your most valuable items are securely locked away.


Major Life Events

Sometimes, life events can take you by surprise and require you to sort through a family member’s belongings. Nobody can be fully prepared for these occurrences, but short-term storage can provide a safe and secure location for items that can’t be sold or given away.

  • A family member might have to go to a nursing home or assisted living facility, where there’s not enough room for all of their possessions.
  • A loved one’s death means there are files, papers and belongings to sort through and short-term storage provides a safe place to put them.
  • Inheritance disputes might dictate keeping everything until the probate ends.
  • If a family member is institutionalized, they’ll need a new place for their belongings.

Victory Van can help you and your family in any of these situations and we'll do it with compassion and kindness, being sensitive to your needs.




Shed the Shed


If you’ve been using a separate shed to store your off-season items, you might consider using short-term storage instead. There are other options you can take advantage of.

  • A shed is convenient but it can also be an open invitation to pests, thieves and vandals.
  • Storage units offer better theft and fire protection.
  • You don’t have to worry about your storage unit leaking or collapsing because of weather conditions, as you do with a shed.

With Victory Van’s controlled access you can get your items whenever you need them.

One Call (to Victory) Does it All

If you’ve found yourself suddenly needing short-term storage on short notice, give Victory Van a call. We’ll be there as quickly as the next day, and we bring everything you need to pack it up and ship it out to one of our secure storage facilities.

When you need expert pack-in, storage and pack-out, one call to Victory  does it all.