How to Properly Pack a Kitchen from Professional Packers and Movers



The Packers and Movers at Victory Van Corporation Provide Kitchen Packing TipsThe Packers and Movers at Victory Van Corporation Provide Kitchen Packing Tips

While packing your kitchen for a move can seem quite daunting, it can be easier than you think. Our expert packers and movers may not be taking care of the packing for you, but they still want to help you make sure the job is done right.

  • Gather the Supplies You Need - These include packing paper, packing tape, boxes, scissors, and some type of permanent marker. Keep in mind that using newspaper will save you money. But by the time you clean up the inky mess and replace those items that can't be cleaned, you aren't saving a dime. Our packers and movers always use professional grade packing paper and recommend you do the same.
  • Pack Heavy Items on the Bottom - Our packers recommend that you pack heavy items on the bottom of each box and then fill them with lighter items on top. This will make them much easier to lift and carry. Use packing paper, towels and T-shirts as packing materials to keep things secure and protect them from damage. If you are not comfortable with packing your breakables, consider having the experts at Victory Van Corporation take care of packing them for you.
  • Properly Pack Fragile Items - Our packers and movers recommend packing plates vertically instead of horizontally and placing a sheet of packing paper between each of them. Wrap the packing paper around each plate, the extra paper will add an extra layer of protection. Wrap cups, bowls, and glasses and stack them together in the box once again using towels, washcloths, T-shirts, and so forth for extra padding and protection. Label boxes of breakables as "Fragile" and "This Side Up" to ensure they are handled with care.


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Try to group like items together, this will make them easier to sort out at the other end of your move. If you don't feel confident in your ability to handle packing your kitchen, contact Victory Van Corporation and let our professional packers and movers handle the job for you. Contact us today to discuss your moving needs and arrange for a free estimate.