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Thinking back to last year, the fall storm season started with a vengeance. What happens when your belongings are in storage? You must find a secure storage unit so you don't have to worry. Read more to learn about all of the systems in place at Victory Van so you never have to worry.

Fall 2017: Hurricane Harvey had just smashed into Texas when Irma started to head for the Florida coast.

In a world where tropical storms, tsunamis, forest fires, snow storms and other weather disasters seem to crop up with frightening regularity, it’s time to take stock.

How secure are your belongings and documents? Are they safe at your home and  in your storage unit?


Government-approved storage facility

When planning for secure long-term storage of your important items, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Victory Van’s warehouse facilities are fully equipped to withstand weather events and other disasters.

Look for the following 5 things when choosing a storage facility to ensure the safety and security of your belongings:


1. Built with Solid Masonry

Nothing protects against weather like solid masonry construction. Builders estimate that brick and concrete masonry can withstand winds of 150 miles per hour. Is your storage facility strong enough to take on Mother Nature at her angriest?

Victory Van’s warehouse space in Northern Virginia features solid, all-masonry construction. Our facilities are secure enough to earn the trust of the U.S. military.

Stone, brick and cinder block are also natural defenses against pests, insects, rot, mold, and mildew. Stone buildings can last for centuries and are almost impervious to fire and decay.


2. Climate Controlled Storage in Sterling, VA

In the Maryland, metro Washington, D.C., and Virginia areas, we know all about crazy climates. We go from sweltering humidity in the summer to wet blizzards in the winter and everything in between.

Temperature extremes may be annoying to you, but they are deadly to your documents, equipment, data and other important materials. Magnetic data is especially sensitive to temperature fluctuations and to humidity.

Wine, art, fabrics and other collectibles are highly susceptible to damage from climate changes. Musical instruments are another item that requires special protection, a lesson that was painfully learned in Nashville when a 2010 flood destroyed several classic guitars that were housed in the Grand Ole Opry.

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Save Money, Save Your Possessions

You can avoid heartache and financial losses by protecting your valuables from those unexpected events. The right storage facility will have different types of climate control that take those factors into account.

Victory Van’s storage units feature both dry storage units, where your papers and other items are protected from moisture, and climate-controlled facilities where sensitive or valuable items can be kept at a constant, regular temperature level. Our climate-controlled facilities are monitored both automatically by sensors and manually with regular, visual checks.


3. Fire Protection within your storage unit

Cyclones and storms aren’t the only things that might threaten your belongings. Fire is a real threat that can make your important documents vanish in a billow of smoke.

That’s why Victory Van’s warehouses feature Halon 1301 fire suppression systems that are monitored around the clock by ADT Security. This monitoring allows for instant detection of smoke or gases and ensures that fire authorities will be immediately alerted.


4. Anti-Theft Surveillance

Unfortunately, your documents also face the threat of theft of vandalism. This is especially true in cases of emergency when you may have to evacuate or leave the area. What will happen to your records, data, and documents?

With Victory Van, you get constant, 24-hour surveillance by closed-circuit televisions that are monitored by our professional staff. Access to your storage vault is double-secured and restricted to you, your authorized agents or Victory’s personnel.


5. State-of-the-Art Bar-coding

If you’re unfortunate enough to face a disaster of any kind, you can rest assured that your vital documents will be kept secure until you’re able to retrieve them.

With Victory Van, you’ll have complete, 24-7 access to your stored records and more. State-of-the-art bar-coding and retrieval technology make it easy to find what you need when you need it. In an emergency, knowing you can get to your important work and personal documents is a huge relief. It can help you get your life and your business back on track as quickly as possible.


Peace of Mind When You Need it Most

With Victory Van, you’re not just getting a secure storage solution. You’re getting peace of mind when you most need it. The middle of a weather emergency is no time to panic about the state of your documents or your possessions.

Take care of yourself, your colleagues and your family while we take care of your records and your belongings. We’ll keep them safe until it’s safe for you to return for them.

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