How to prepare your belongings for Storage?

Planning for a move? whether you are looking for a short-term storage while unpacking or long term solution to your clutter, renting a storage unit is a perfect option for those relocating to a new home. There are a few things you need to take care while preparing your items for storage and packing them. Whether you hire a home or office moving company for the move, or do it by yourself, packing your stuff carefully is very important.

While storing your items, you have to be extra careful. In this blog we will discuss the best ideas that you could use for packing items for packing your stuff.


Here are some of them, let us have a look-

  1. Create a list of all the items

There is already a lot of tension whenever you are planning a move and in the midst of that, it’s easy to forget what to put into storage. So before packing your stuff, make sure to make an inventory list of all the items you plan to store in the storage. The list will help you plan your move in an organized way and you won’t have to think on the last moment which things have to be stored.

  1. Label the boxes clearly

If you are using cardboard boxes, be sure that they are sturdy enough to hold long-term storage. So while packing your stuff in cardboard boxes, make sure to label each of the box correctly. It is also advisable to pack similar items in one box. One thing you can do which will simplify your work is to list out specific items that are inside that box.


  1. Protect your items from climate conditions

If your storage unit isn’t climate controlled, you will need to take care of it by yourself. The climatic conditions can damage your belongings. Over time, dust, moisture can damage your items if you fail to take proper precautions. Make sure that all the items are dry, apply protective spray on furniture and leather goods, seal the boxes tightly to keep the moisture out. Clothing and garments should be packed in zip lock bags. All of these precautions will keep your belongings safe from the changing climatic conditions.

  1. Be extra careful in monsoon

Although it is advisable to not plan a move in monsoon but still if it’s unexpected rain, you have to be extra careful. Everything can get damaged if the water goes inside the cardboard boxes. Furniture can be damaged severely. Make sure that the storage unit doesn’t have any leaks and it is water proofed. In such cases, you can hire expert movers to guide you for the same. Victory van has expert movers who will help you with the storage and protection of your items against any odds.

  1. Clean items as needed

It is not possible to expect that your items will be delivered clean and tidy. The items can get dirty during the move. cleaning the items before packing can actually help preserve items such as finished wood, heavy furniture, appliances etc. furniture should be vacuumed and dried completely before going into storage. Appliances need extra care and they should be cleaned with a bleach solution to disinfect surfaces and remove the odors. Finally, after the whole cleaning and drying, the items are ready to go in the storage.

  1. Fragile items should be handled with care

Fragile items should be handled with care. They should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap or newspaper before packing them in the boxes. Such items should not be overstuffed in one box as there are heavy chances of them getting damaged. You should keep all the fragile items correlated into one area away from the other stored items.

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Sometimes it gets way too tough to deal with everything by your own. In such cases, it is advisable to hire expert movers who will help you in the entire packing and storage. Victory Van is a home moving and storage company which will help you in each and every step of your moving. We are always there and our movers are experts and talented enough who will guide you from your packing to storing to moving.

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