Climate Controlled Storage Matters




If you’re looking for a storage facility you’re probably looking for one that’s conveniently located, provides easy access to your inventory or belongings, and is protected against fire, theft and climate changes. Climate controlled storage matters regardless of the materials.

Sure, you might think that any facility will do all that. But in many of them, your items will only be a little safer than they would be stashed away in your garage. That’s because extremes in temperature—like the searing summers and freezing winters we have in the Baltimore Washington region—can harm many of your belongings. If the storage facility you use is not climate controlled, your valuable possessions could be damaged or destroyed.

Climate Matters

You might be surprised at the number of things that need a steady climate, for instance:

  • Photographs
  • Historical documents
  • Media files
  • Computers
  • Wine
  • Musical instruments
  • Antique rugs
  • Plastics
  • Wooden furniture
  • Coin or stamp collections

This is especially true of anything you keep in long term storage, when there’s more of a chance that problems can develop, including:

  • Fading and discoloration
  • Development of mold and mildew
  • Warping and twisting
  • Drying and cracking

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Electronics are very sensitive to moisture, which can destroy their internal mechanisms. Your television, computers and phones may have been working fine when they went into the warehouse but be useless when you take them out.

Wooden and leather items can warp or crack in extreme weather changes, and photographs can melt if left in a hot, humid place. Mold and mildew will destroy clothing, artwork, rugs and upholstered furniture. Cars and other appliances can get rusty if left in a damp unit.

Don’t take a chance on putting your most valuable belongings with a storage solution where they’re exposed to temperature extremes. Victory Van provides secure storage in several locations around the Washington, D.C., metro area, where you’ll find state-of-the-art inventory control, secured access and advanced climate control.

Victory Van Warehouse

Keep Your Cool

Victory Van controls over 500,000 square feet of warehouse space. Our secure storage units offer the latest in safety and in temperature control:

With Victory Van you never have to worry what’s happening to your possessions. You can relax, knowing that your valuable belongings are tucked safely away in a climate controlled unit where they’ll keep their looks, shape and value.

Experience Matters

When it comes to short term or long term storage, you can’t do better than Victory Van. Our experience and advanced technology have kept us at the forefront of the moving, warehouse and records retention businesses for almost 100 years. Best of all, we can do it for a price that will beat our competitors, because we know how to be efficient.

Call Victory Van today and you’ll get:

  • A detailed plan that will save you time and money
  • A dedicated customer service representative
  • Our 10-point guarantee
  • Convenient locations
  • The customer service focus that has made us a local favorite for decades

You wouldn’t be storing your items if they were worthless. If you have valuable belongings or family heirlooms, it’s worth taking the extra step to ensure they’re properly stored. We can provide the right solution for the short and long term storage of your belongings and to meet your budget.

Don’t your most precious possessions deserve the best? Call Victory Van today and find out why we’ve won more awards, recognition and rave reviews than any other company in the business.