FF&E: Things to Think About When Moving

To catch up on deferred FF&E, certain things needs to be considered. 

The ability to make your moving process smooth depends on the preparations you make. Preparation will also ensure whether or not you get the best value for the dollars spent on the move. This is where you have to involve Victory Van.

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  • Whether that person has the appropriate experience and expertise,
  • To what degree the person's other responsibilities at work may suffer

Are you in the hospitality, educational, healthcare industry, or are you running a business? Thinking about moving?

To be sure the move goes smoothly and efficiently at the lowest cost possible, you need to think of the following:

Your move needs careful execution and planning. This is usually done by a skilled mover due to the specialized logistics involved.

victory van for FFamp E move

What do we mean when we say FF&E?


FF&E refers to moving commercial pieces that are not attached to the existing structure. They are imperative for the operation and success of a business.


Moving commercial pieces such as furniture, fixtures, and equipment is a big task. These are the things like desks, computers, conference room tables, tables and chairs in a restaurant. This requires a highly-trained team of professional movers.

More owners are coming to the conclusion that they want their staff to concentrate on their work while at work. Having a professional moving company devote its time and skills to the many details, special nuances, and tedious paperwork of the move is actually a more economical decision for them.

When selecting a moving company, know that they are going to be your partner in decision making. You need to select someone you feel comfortable working with.



Be aware that some FF&E moving companies provide more full-service options than others. By full-service, we mean things like in-house design services for your new office layout, dissembling furniture, packing up, moving everything, unpacking and FF&E re-installation. 

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A full time service FF&E moving company will get you the most bang for the buck.

Think of these services as a safety or layer of value that you don't want your FF&E moving project to be without.

It's important to use an FF&E mover with integrated transport, operating its own fleet of vehicle. Even better is to choose a moving company that can also provide storage for you. You just never know what may happen and knowing you have your moving company as back-up storage is another layer for peace of mind.

At Victory Van, we have a fleet of well equipped trucks. 



You should think of a reputable moving company. One with a good warehouse which can afford to store your assets in case there be a need for storage. We also have state-of-the-art storage facilities that are government and military approved.


  • 24/7 security monitoring.
  • An alarm system.
  • CCTV coverage and recording.
  • Restricted monitored access and entry control systems.
  • Daily lock integrity checks.

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