Office movers: Using a Move Consultant



Managing and leading an office move can be a daunting exercise for you and your staff.  Office relocations  entail  so many steps and activities that it is very possible you will overlook  some critical piece of your business move during preparation.

Do you wish to simplify your business relocation? Victory Van supports even the most difficult of moves by utilizing Move Consultants who bring a unique skill set to the realm of corporate moving.
Keep reading to learn about what it takes for a successful office move. 

Victory Van has a proven process that covers  every detail of a business move. To make sure the move is efficient and not detail is missed, we offer the services of a move consultant. The move consultant's job is to help you think through and plan your business moved thereby enabling your employees stay focused on their key duties.

Here are 5 important steps in the move process.


To kick off the move, a Victory Van consultant will meet with you and your team. Together, you will talk about all of the details so that Victory can put together an estimate. The kick off will include a walk-through of the entire office, discussion about furniture dismantling and set-up, and the distance to the new office. We use this meeting to review expectations, talk about realistic timelines, understand roles for both teams and discuss key move activities.


Victory Van's consultant returns to the office and begins creating both the estimate and the plan for your move. We document each phase of the move so it's clear we are all in agreement and to make sure nothing has been missed. 

During the second meeting, we review the estimate and timeline. We review expectations and deliverables with you and help you prepare to present to the executive team (or move committee). 


Victory Van will help you (if you'd like) present the details of move day to your management team. We also come to your office before the move to explain the your employees what moving day will look like. During the employee meeting, we will explain to them what needs to be done.

Next, we deliver Victory Crates, labels and computer bags. We show employees how to use these packing tools, how to pack and how to label.  We also remind everyone to take their personal items home before the move.

Here's where our services stand out: We don't just show your employees what to do, we come back a few times to help them pack up and label. We work with you as part of your team to make sure that nothing is misplaced and everything is ready for moving day, 

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 On moving day, there’s a lot more than moving boxes. A Victory Van staff member is on site to coordinate all of the various teams.

data relocationWe understand that one of the main concerns of our customers is the IT department. Typically, we reserve a dedicated truck for your IT department's move. Due to the sensitive and critical nature of IT, they will get special attention. Depending on what you and your IT need, we will go the evening before the move or the day before the move to pack up IT and start the transition. This usually helps to put the IT team at ease and gives them a jump start on the move.

We move you from office to office; cubicle to cubicle. Our team is in the new office to help remove the Victory crates or unwrap computers. Our main goal: Get you and your team back up and running! 


 5. After the Move

Once the move is complete, Victory Van conducts a post-move walk through of your new space. We make sure everything is in place where you want it. Our team will also stand by to help your employees unpack and answer questions if needed. 

An office move is a team effort and, if you need it,  we will be there until the final box is unpacked


Victory Van consultants will guide you before, during and after your move to cut disruptions to your daily operations. From establishing communication plans, timelines and budgets to supervising the break down and set up of your IT department and office furniture, Victory Van is the trusted corporate moving company.

Every step of the way, we’re looking out for our customers' best interests to make the office move a pleasant one. Victory Van uses a detailed approach to managing your office relocation.

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We have been helping companies to move office for almost 40 years. We are also experts at making sure your move is a success.

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