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Moving your company is a significant endeavor, but certainly not an impossible one. By planning ahead, getting organized, and hiring a team of experienced office movers like Victory Van Corporation, your business will be up and running again in no time. Here’s how you can make sure your commercial move goes without a hitch.

  1. Hire trusted office movers - Hiring moving companies that specialize in commercial moves is critical. Just like any household move, it’s important to seek reliable services at an affordable price. The professionals at Victory Van Corporation can correctly pack, load, and deliver your property and navigate any obstacles that arise.
  2. Start early - It’s never too soon to create a timeline or finalize a layout. The more you plan for your commercial move, the smoother it will go. Be realistic about the downtime, resources, or assistance you will need to get back to business as usual. Work with your move coordinator to create a customized moving plan so you know what to expect when the day arrives.
  3. Label, label, label - Once you begin the packing process, staying organized becomes essential. Enlist the help of employees to carefully label every box you use. That way, you’ll be able to quickly locate items while setting up your new location.
  4. Assign tasks - Have your office movers create a list of tasks that need to be completed, then organize it into a timeline. Ask your department managers what is required for their area, and designate liaisons between you and your employees during the move.
  5. Get Organized - Centralizing information will significantly reduce your stress levels on moving day. Keep important papers on-hand at all times and set reminders on your phone. If you have an intranet, keep your coworkers up to date with regular notifications.



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