5 Questions to Ask When Searching for Office Movers


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If you’re planning to move your business, you need a mover that will do more than stuff your papers into boxes and roll your desks onto a truck. You need a business partner that understands and respects your time, your belongings and your budget.

In this post we’ll take a look at the top five things you should ask about when considering an office or commercial mover.


You want a mover who’ll provide peace of mind, top-notch customer service, warehousing and storage options, and the most up-to-date moving technology. To find that Washington, D.C. mover, here are 5 questions to ask before you hire the moving company.


1. Are you Able to Provide Business Continuity?

The mover should be able to pack, ship and set up routers and IT systems to get you up and running with as little interruption as possible. 

Do they provide a move plan that takes into account your specific business needs and works on your schedule? Victory Van has almost 50 years of experience in all types of commercial and industrial moves and we are consistently ranked as the top movers in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia metro areas, year after year.

We’re a full-service logistics provider with Allied agents in every corner of the globe and every sector of the moving industry, allowing us to do what no other moving company can when it comes to transporting your business locally, nationally or internationally.


2. Do you Have Short Term Storage Available?

Your mover should offer long- and short-term options. Always ask about climate control which is crucial to safely storing most items. Make sure that you—and only you–can have access to your stored items whenever you need them.


3. Do you rent out space or control your own warehouse? Is the warehouse staffed and under surveillance?

Ask if your mover uses the latest in bar coding technology, separate vaults for magnetic media to avoid mingling of data, and fire and theft protection.

Victory Van offers all of that and more.

Victory Van controls over 500,000 square feet of warehouse space that is security monitored around the clock, with the most up-to-date fire, theft and water protection systems available today. Our magnetic media vaults meet the requirements of the Professional Records and Information Management Association.


4. Tell Me About Your Logistics Experience.

Victory Van is a single-source expert that is relied on by libraries, restaurants, hotels and many other industries. Our staff has expertise in FF&E and OS&E requirements.

Victory Van has a proven record of getting every commercial move completed on time and on budget, no matter what special requirements exist or what type of job it is. No other moving company can match our experience, our in-depth knowledge or our commitment to our customers.

We are well versed in government relocation and can be found on GSA Schedule 48.


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5. Do you Have the Customer Service Team to Support My Move?

When you move with Victory Van you get:

  • A thorough estimate and moving timeline
  • Our best pricing, whether you choose per-hour or fixed-price options
  • Our 10-point guarantee
  • Various insurance options

A dedicated project manager who is there to see your move through from day one to the final box, who you can call whenever you need information or updates. Make sure that any company you work with has these offerings as well.

Victory Van has experience moving all kinds of businesses, from small two-person shops to government agencies to huge, multi-facility industries, and we do every job with the same care and commitment.

Whether you’re transporting a delicate heirloom, a commercial oven, or sensitive medical equipment, Victory Van will get them all there safe and sound.

There’s no reason to disrupt your life or your business when you’re moving out and moving on up. With Victory Van you’ll have a reliable partner beside you every step of the way.

Call Victory Van today and let us make that transition as seamless as possible for you.


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