Packing Tips for an Office Relocation



Victory Van Corporation’s Professional Movers Provide Packing Tips for an Office RelocationPacking Tips for an Office Relocation

Your office is beginning to plan for the big moving day, but there are still many people and plans to coordinate, and way too many things to pack. To make your move go smoothly, here are our tips from professional moving companies, like Victory Van Corporation, on packing for office relocation.

  • Prepare Early - If you are reading this blog, you are already ahead of the curve, planning for your upcoming move. Preparing and contacting movers early can save you from trying to rush everything last minute. Avoid this hectic outcome and how it may slow down the moving process. To begin, make sure your employees know about the move. Keep everyone informed about how they can help and what their roles are during the move. You will need to make a schedule telling everyone when to begin and finish packing, to keep everything running smoothly. As the packing begins, check in and make sure everyone is handling the move well. This can be a stressful time for your employees.
  • Quality Packing Supplies - When packing, it’s important to have quality supplies. Old or reused boxes have a higher chance of breaking and falling apart, risking injury and damage. Invest in new boxes as well as packing material, tape, markers, labels, and more. Use this to stay organized and as you pack, decide what you are taking with you, getting rid of, or what you can donate. Save time and money by getting rid of what you no longer need.
  • I.T. Professional - Make sure to work an experienced I.T. worker if you do not have one already. They can carefully pack and prepare each computer by individually wrapping and taping them into moving blankets to avoid damage. Computers should not be put into boxes, nor should the tape go directly on the monitor. While you prepare them to pack, make sure all your data is backed up first.

If you follow these tips as you prepare for your move, you will save you and your employees time during the office relocation. After the office relocation is complete, ask your employees how the move went and where it can be improved the next time.




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