Office relocation tips: Benefits of relocating an office.

Business owners and other executives are constantly looking for ways to improve results, strengthen the organization, and ultimately put it on track for sustained success and growth.

And while there are several strategies and tactics to support these objectives, one of the most effective surprisingly is an office relocation.

Office relocation happen for many reasons, from company expansion to changing cities. Relocating can be the catalyst for implementing innovative ways of working.

In this blog, we're going to look at the great benefits that an office relocation would bring to your business. Read on to find out more about this!

Below, we have highlighted 8 business benefits of an office relocation that can lead to lasting, measurable bottom-line rewards:

pros of relocating an office

While there are obviously going to be fees involved in an office relocation, in the bigger picture it can be an investment rather than an expense which can be easily offset with the money you would save in the day-to-day operation of the business.

Operating costs in a new location may be measurably lower (e.g. lease, insurance, property management, security, etc.).

Relocating your business brings the opportunity to implement agile working into your office design. Creating an agile workplace can significantly reduce costs through the efficient use of space and resources.

An office relocation is a great opportunity for moving to the most efficient and effective technology to support the way your employees work, to save you and your team time and money.

By moving into a new, bespoke-designed facility you will be able to better manage these costs – not just in rental rates but with better-designed utility, telecommunication and computer systems, you'll be saving on those costs too.

benefits of office relocation for your business

You will want to be able to attract the best employees for your business. When unemployment is high employees place less importance in where they work. When unemployment is low they have choices and will be drawn to the companies that are located in a more convenient and appealing location.

If you are struggling to find employees with the right skills and training, it’s worthwhile relocating to gain greater access to this larger labor pool.

A desirable location could get you closer to your market area or employees.

Perhaps you feel you’ve tapped out your current market area. Moving locations may be a great opportunity to create more revenue. Just do your research to ensure it’s worth the expense of relocation.

If your office is bursting at the seams and you cannot fit another person into your space, you have obviously outgrown your office space – and you don’t need an expert to tell you this!

A congested and overcrowded office space means that the company will be unable to accommodate a growing workforce, and employees will not be able to complete their tasks efficiently, it can hold you back.

advantages of moving your office

Whilst your current office space may have served you well, is in a good location and has reasonable rental rates; is it helping your business to reach its potential?

A move will see you acknowledging the capabilities of your business and by moving into a bespoke office space that has been honed towards the working practices of the business and its employees, you will be creating an environment that will push everyone to the next level.

This will be improving the quality as well as the quantity of the work produced.

An office relocation can also help a business get closer to customers, which can boost revenues and profits. What’s more, it can also move businesses closer to strategic partners, suppliers and other organizations, which can lead to increased networking opportunities.

For some businesses, the need for the office to be located in the right area is just as important as its size and the functionalities it has.

 benefits of relocating your organization

If you feel that your business isn't reaching the right audience or that staff face long journeys to meet clients (as well as getting to-and-from work) then an office relocation to a better location will help greatly.

If you make it easier for people to get to the office, you won't just be creating a favorable impression on your clients and making things easier on your existing workforce, but you'll also be better-placed to attract and keep talented employees at the company too.

An office relocation is the perfect opportunity for a business to elevate and enhance its brand.

benefits of moving your office location

For example, it can launch a marketing campaign (press releases, social media pages/posts, micro-sites, etc.) to support the move and turn it into a “newsworthy” event for staff, customers and all other stakeholders (e.g. suppliers, vendors, etc.).

Indeed, an office relocation helps a business say that its best days are ahead – not behind.

Employees, future employees, and clients will learn a lot about your brand and culture from the look of your offices. Relocating to a new office location allows you to bring your office into line with your company branding. it also reflects who you are, and what you represent.

The style, tone, and purpose of company branding often change as a company grows. So when you decide to move offices, you will have the ability to elevate and update your built environment. This would be in line with the message you want to portray about your organization.

Many towns, cities, counties and states offer relocating businesses incentives to move into their areas, hoping to attract businesses that will create jobs and pay taxes.

You might get tax credits for each job you produce, free worker training programs, reduced utility rates or even a free building. Economic development authorities have databases of empty buildings they will give new businesses as an incentive to relocate to the area.

If your business is currently located in a city, relocating outside the city and into the suburbs will result in lower office rental costs and lower utility costs. If your business relies upon its city connections, moving closer to a major client or a steadier stream of potential customers could increase sales. With the lower rental costs from moving outside of the city, you will be able to invest in other areas of your business.

If your business is currently located in the city, you and your employees may find car parking troublesome and costly. Some city councils are even charging a parking levy for each space an employer provides.

 Moving your office can be beneficial

By moving to a larger office, it will provide your business with the ability to shape its work environment. It will give it the scope to increase staff levels and as a result, the workload required to meet targets.

If you're finding space difficult to come by to fit in new staff, equipment, furniture, files, even parking spaces, then it's clear there's a need for relocation.

Moving to a new office doesn't have to be about upgrading the size of your business – if you are looking downsize and/or are stuck in a large office that is proving far from cost-effective to run, relocating to a better-defined facility, that better suits the size of your operation, would be ideal.


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