Office Moving and Storage Problems & How to Avoid Them

Office Moving and Storage Tips from Leading Professional MoversOffice Moving and Storage Problems & How to Avoid Them

It’s the day of your office move. You’ve signed the lease, secured your moving and storage services, and your office items are ready to go. The problem? No one else seems to be this organized. Boxes and bodies are everywhere, people are still packing, IT is MIA, and the CEO’s glass awards are in the break room for some reason.

The good news? Office moving doesn’t have to be this difficult. While most commercial relocations come with their share of challenges, ample planning and careful management make for a less stressful process. As a leader among moving companies in Alexandria, VA, Washington, DC, and Coral Springs, FL, Victory Van Corporation has provided these five common office moving and storage problems and how to avoid them.

  1. Rushing - When you work in a busy office, getting things done quickly is the norm. But there’s a difference between fast-paced and rushed, as the latter is the result of leaving things until the last minute. Start planning for your commercial move at least three months in advance and encourage your employees to do the same. Familiarize everyone with your new office’s layout, delegate tasks in advance, and share a timeline of what moving day will look like.

  2. Productivity loss - Even if you’re a team of five, you’ll need at least two days to pack, move, and unpack everything. Running a business and moving a company at the same time is next to impossible if you attempt to do both alone. That’s why we recommend seeking professional moving and storage services. Your team of movers should be able to handle every aspect of your commercial relocation, from packing to delivery and furniture assembly. Allow yourself more time to focus on your company by letting the professionals do the heavy lifting.

  3. IT Complications - Nothing is worse than getting settled into your new office to realize your network is down. Be sure to back up your data before the move but look into specialty packing services for your custom equipment or delicate electronics. Hire movers who can safely disconnect, pack, and reinstall everything so that you can get back to business sooner.

  4. Setting realistic budgets - If you’re moving on a tight budget, there are plenty of ways to dodge avoidable fees. Get quotes from as many moving and storage companies as possible, then select the one that offers the best customer service at the best price. See what you can sell, donate, or toss from your old space to save on moving supplies. Take time to review your current and new lease to make sure you're not on the hook for any last-minute fines.

  5. Injury - The number-one way to avoid this all-too-common problem is to prioritize safety. Hold a staff meeting before the move to review safety procedures and expectations. Demonstrate the proper way to lift and move heavy objects and ensure that gloves, goggles, and vests are available if necessary. Avoid tripping hazards by taping down chords and designating areas for boxes, garbage, and supplies.


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