Moving Safety Tips



Moving needs to be done with care and safety in mind. If you are moving, here are some helpful tips that can help protect you as well as your property during a move. 


1. Use good moving boxes

Using cardboard boxes that are of poor quality can lead to injury. Try to find moving boxes that will not crumble and break when put under pressure.


2. Plan ahead

Try to plan your move for the actual day to be better prepared. This will also help alleviate some of the stress associated with an activity. Research various moving options, as well as figure out what you have to have packed before the day of your move so you won't have to rush before the big day arrives.


3. Ask for assistance

This is the best way to go if you have a partner or family member who can assist in the move. It will allow you to have a second set of hands willing and able to help with the move. Plan out each step while they assist so everything runs smoothly and without issue.


4. Clear the pathways

 Before you bring in any of your items, make sure you clear a path outside for all your items to be brought in. This will ensure the process of moving is as painless and worry-free as possible!


5. Wear safety equipment

A trolley is an excellent way to transport heavy items and equipment during the move. Plan out who will be using this and where it can go. Ensure everyone wears safety gear, like gloves and a hard hat for head protection.


6. Protect your back

When moving many items, it's essential to consider the stress on your back. Consider investing in a heavy-duty rubber mallet if you have to lift heavy boxes. 


7. Be careful with electronics

Be careful when packing your electronics and other valuable items to ensure you don't damage them. Use the original box they came in if possible, as this is the most protective method of protecting valuables during a move.


8. Choose appropriate movers

You want to ensure you choose the right moving company for your needs. Consider the reviews of your potential movers and how much they charge for their services. 


Moving can be stressful, but it's essential to consider the health and safety of all your family members as you move. Contact us today for a free quote so that we can ensure a safe move for you.