Involving Employees in an Office Relocation



Advice on Involving Your Employees in an Office Relocation in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, & Coral Springs, FLOffice Relocation in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, & Coral Springs, FL

An office relocation involves many different people. A move affects your employees, but their hard work and innovative ideas can help smooth the transition. There is a reason you hired these great so be sure to let them help out. But, if you are not sure how, here are Victory Van Corporation’s professional movers’ tips on involving your employees in your office relocation along with the moving companies you hire.

  • Communication - Communication is key to completing a move efficiently, especially with so many employees involved. This move could put a stress on your employee’s lives so you will need to have meetings and check in to make sure everyone is handling the changes and duties well. Make sure everyone has a schedule of clear check points for when to begin packing, when the moving day is, and more.
  • Upgrade the Office - Moving to a new location is a great way to improve your workspace. Listen to your employees’ ideas—do they need a new printer? Can the office design incorporate more cubicles or more spacious meeting areas? As you listen to suggestions, try to pick someone who can help organize the move as a move planner. This individual, or group, can be the ones who communicate and plan with the moving company for the office relocation, meet the movers, schedule I.T., and more.
  • Plan Ahead - A move can take a lot of work. This is why it is important to begin as soon as you can. You and your employees will need to start taking inventory of everything in your office as soon as possible while planning for an office relocation. If the preparation work for the move is too hectic, consider hiring temporary help to lighten the load of routine tasks or rent a temporary office where your employees can work away from the chaos of the move.
  • Get Feedback - After your office relocation is complete, take some time to gather feedback. Ask your employees how another move in the future could be run smoother, and what you could change the next time. Involving your employees will streamline a move and will help your employees adapt to the coming changes.


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