How to optimize moving company prices with a moving consultant

It is always important to have a plan at hand before your move. Tackling a big job can be a hard thing for you to do. Many large jobs, such as moving, require the completion of many small tasks in order to finish the big task.

It can be hard to stay on top of all of these little tasks, as they can often be in progress simultaneously, so it is vital to make sure that you have a definitive method of keeping track. A moving Consultant services is hence needed for this task.
Such services are provided at Victory Van.

Because each move is different with varying prizes a moving consultant is needed to optimize the cost.

It is important that you have goals for your move from the early stages. You should remember how much your move will cost and be able to itemize each act of your move at each phase.

Making a good office relocation project management for me.Some companies will separate jobs into who will be completing them while other will segment tasks according to the date that they need to be completed by.

Smaller moves will have a less complex move than a Larger company. No matter who is involve, a good moving consultant will enable you to stay on top of the things that need to be done before you move. Victory Van moving consultants will assist you to achieve all this in your move.

  • Make recommendations on how to save money when you move
  • Meet the managers of each departments as you get closer to the move day
  • Fix up pre-meetings that makes for a lot smother moves and move cost effective.
  • Discuss what they can expect during the move.
  • Discuss how they can help your folks in their departments do the move successfully
  • Suggest how you can get ready for the move so that when the time comes everything will be moved out without wasting a lot of time

Making a office relocation planBasically certain steps are taken by a moving consultant when planning.

Such steps are:

  • Finding out the overall costs and expectations of the move from the client. This ensures a thorough estimate. This is to have a clear understanding about the move.
  • Present the findings to the customer. Reviewing each depth or every phase so that there is a forward understanding of what’s needed to be done. Having a goal in mind and a set time of getting the employees park up and running with no interruption.
  • Sharing the information with the management team.
  • Executing the move. This can be done in phases.

There main function is to ensure that equipment such as a table in the office, a file cabinet or a book shelf are in the right place.

The 1st day basically the movers inspect from office to office, cubicle to cubicle. This is to ensure the following;

  • That everybody is happy with where everything is at.
  • To assist remove maybe plastic crates or boxes and make sure that we are able to get the employees get back to work as soon as possible. So that people can become productive again.

Organize your employees for the moveTo organize an Office for a Move, the employees need to be prepared for the big day.

The following are done:

  • Provide staff with a timeline of events in the run up to the move, including the move day itself so they know what to expect, and can alter their working schedule (if necessary) around the move.
  • Ensure each employee is responsible for the packing of their own desk items (excluding any IT equipment and business phones). This can be co-ordinated by department so it can be supervised according to these instructions.
  • Ensure that every valuable personal items should be taken home before the move.

Organize for your office relocation move

When packing:

The correct packaging will be distributed to all staff (via their team leader).

This will be supplied by the Office Moving Company. Staff will not be allowed to use any of their own packing materials for insurance and safety purposes.

All staff will be issued with their own personal crate for their desk items.

This should be clearly labelled with their name. Color-coded labels will be provided.We use red, yellow and blue.

Each code and color represents a floor. So that when the crew is offloading the truck they put it on to the elevator and seeing the color code guides them to what floor has the code. They know that those crates and furniture is going to the 4th floor so will not waste time. We know automatically where it is going. So the label helps us to be efficient.

Filing Cabinets that are upright can generally be transported with their contents in tact.

Each drawer is secured with filament tape.

Lateral filing cabinets need to be emptied of all contents.

Pack all the contents into the crates and secure the drawers with filament tape.

Bookcases - all contents should be packed into crates, then remove any shelf pins and pack in an envelope and label.

Do not overload crates. If you can't lift it, it's unlikely the Moving Company will be able to either!

All computers, printers and copiers should be properly shut down so they can be safely dismantled by either a specialist IT relocation company or the appointed office moving company.

Organize the time on your office relocation

During the move, organization is paramount.This leads to on time completion of the move.

We also have different levels of crew members. We start off with packers and helpers. Basically, with the packers, they come in and pack everything off. They get everything ready for the move.

The helpers are the once that actually take the items from point A to point B. we have installers.They are the ones that come in with their tool bags. They will try to pack the chair and desk.

They will take the white board off the wall and they will also dissemble and assemble the work station. If there is work stations in the map. Sometime we give work station maps so that they know how to set up the work station back.

We have supervisors both at origin and destination as the move takes place. We also have drivers that drive either straight trucks or a tracked trail our logistics of getting through at duck at both the origin and destination.

Based on research survey done,we determine how we are going ahead with the move. If the move is medium to small, lets say that is into 2 trucks, we do what they call a loading gale.

Loading gale means we load up both trucks, delivering both trucks at the same time at the destinations.

If the moves are larger, this is saying that it is 10 trucks loads and is separated by 5 miles from origin to destination. 3 or 4 trucks might be used. Here round wrapping is done. In round wrapping, a truck is loaded to the destinations. The crew members are divided out. A group will be at origin and the other will be at destination.

This way we are very efficient. We keep the trucks moving from origin to destination. So as soon as one is offloaded it leaves and gets to destination. Gets to duck at origin and is loaded. The full truck gets to destination opens up the door and is offloaded. We find this to be a very sufficient way to handle the larger type of moves.

Planning ahead all the logistics, time and people will make your move more efficient and will save you money. Let us help you with a free quote and consultation from our expert moving consultants.

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