Hotel Moving and Storage Solutions in Alexandria, VA.

Moving and Storage for Hotels in Alexandria, VA & Surrounding Areas.Hotel Moving and Storage Solutions in Alexandria, VA

In the hospitality industry, hotels strive to stay on top to provide their customers with high-quality services and accommodations. But, when it comes time to move a hotel, there is a lot more than rooms, kitchens, and FF&E (fixtures, furniture & equipment) to move.

Victory Van Corporation has been a leader among moving companies in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, Gaithersburg, MD, and Coral Springs, FL for over 90 years. Our expert movers have worked with some of the top hotel chains in the country, like our recent job with Spring Hill Suites. That is why we have put together the following tips to help you get your hotel ready for moving day.

  • Schedule a Walkthrough - Whether the hotel is being remodeled or relocated, schedule walkthrough estimates at both locations with a leader among moving and storage companies, like Victory Van Corporation. Communicate the hotel's specific needs and vision during the estimate with the professional movers so they know how to complete the job best for you. Have design contractors measure the old and new rooms and equipment to make sure everything will fit in the new space.
  • Book Your Services - Pick a moving and storage company that is right for the job. A hotel relocation or remodeling requires a variety of specialized equipment and services. Pick a company like Victory Van Corporation that not only has exceptional service and works with the hotel's needs and schedule, hire a company that has state-of-the-art storage solutions as well. Keep the hotel's belongings safe in a moving and storage company's warehouse with security, temperature-controlled rooms, and more. Also, pick a company that is affiliated with world-class equipment and storage networks. These steps will streamline the process.
  • Take Inventory - If it is time to move or remodel, take account of what furniture and objects are in the hotel to plan out what kind of moving trucks and equipment will be necessary to complete the move. After the inventory is taken, this is an excellent time to update the hotel's FF&E during this transitional period as well with new furniture and equipment.

A hotel has many steps to the big moving day. Between taking inventory of the rooms, kitchen and equipment, pool house, entertainment, and more, there are many preparations to be made. With this list, make the transition of a hotel relocation or remodeling smoother.


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