Commercial Moving Tips



In this post, we will share a few commercial moving tips that should be included on your moving checklist.  Victory Van has decades of helping businesses, schools and government clients move locally or across the nation. We will support you every step of the way to your new address.

Most people underestimate the time it takes to pack their home for a move, and the same is doubly true when it comes to packing a commercial property. The sooner you start, the sooner you can avoid last-minute disasters.

  • Announce the move as soon as you have a new address.
  • Contact your suppliers, utility companies, and Internet provider.
  • Send an email newsletter announcing the move to your customers.
  • Don’t forget your company’s website, stationery, and marketing materials.

If you think moving your company yourself will save you time or money, think again. The savings may not be worth it by the time you buy packing supplies, rent vans and take time away from your business.

Moving a business of any size is a complicated matter. A professional, experienced moving company like Victory Van will remove the headaches, take care of the details and let you can get on with your work.

For the best results with a moving company, use these tips:

  • Make sure the mover provides different insurance options.
  • Call the moving company at least two months before your move date.
  • Ask if the mover provides an on-site assessment to get a realistic estimate of time and costs.
  • Ask if the moving company carries workers’ compensation insurance.

Here’s a timeline you can use to count down to moving day. If you have employees, let them know about the move and what’s expected at each stage of the process.

6 Months Pre-Move

  • Call Victory Van and ask for an on-site estimate.
  • Begin identifying which items and furniture you’ll be moving, which will be going into storage, and which you’ll be donating or discarding.
  • Visit the new location and decide what’s going to go where.
  • Create an in-house team to coordinate the move.

3 Months Pre-Move

  • Secure storage space and arrange to have your items sent to it.
  • Victory Van can handle the storage for you in one of our climate-controlled, conveniently located warehouse spaces.
  • Visit the new space and make final seating and equipment assignments.
  • Inform the Post Office of your change of address.
  • Dispose of stationery and other materials that have the old address on them.

2 Months Pre-Move

  • Obtain packing materials for your employees.
  • Have employees start packing their personal items.
  • If you’ve hired Victory Van, we’ll bring our patented, eco-friendly Victory Cratesto help with this.

1 Month Pre-Move

  • Create a packet of information about the new neighborhood and distribute it to your staff.
  • Have employees remove their personal phones, laptops and other equipment.
  • Ensure that all electronic equipment and telephones are packed.
  • You can count on Victory Van’s trained, professional packers to move sensitive equipment safely.

1 Week Pre-Move

  • Conduct a final walk-through with your Victory Van move consultant.
  • Empty all refrigerators and cabinets.
  • Confirm who will meet the movers on moving day.

Moving Day

  • Ensure all boxes are labeled with their destination or employee name.
  • Sign all necessary paperwork.
  • Have a designated person indicate where items and boxes go to the new location.
  • Go over final details with your Victory Van consultant and enjoy your new space.

Commercial Moves Made Easy

The prospect of moving your business can be a scary one, but a step-by-step plan and Victory’s expert consultation will help you handle it with ease.

Whether you’re moving a small, one-person office, a 10-person nonprofit, a retail store, a hospital or a multi-site government agency, when you think commercial moving, think Victory Van. Call us for a free estimate today.


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