Commercial Movers’ Ultimate Office Moving Checklist



The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist from Top Commercial Movers in Alexandria, VA & Washington, D.C.Commercial Movers in Alexandria, VA

Organization is the number one step to successfully planning for and executing an office move. The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist has been compiled from Victory Van Corporation’s commercial movers’ top tips on how to prepare for an efficient and excellent move in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, and Coral Springs, FL.

  • Communication & Preparation are Key – The first step to planning for a move is to create a shared moving folder that will contain all the necessary documents, quotes, schedules, and contacts. Next, inform your employees of the move as soon as you can. They will need a schedule for when to pack and will need to have checkpoints to meet and make sure everyone is not only on task but are handling the stress of the move as well.
  • Do a Walkthrough – Before you hire commercial movers, complete a walkthrough of your office to check what belongings you have and your inventory. See what furniture, equipment, and files will be moved and what you can get rid of. Be sure to measure everything to ensure that it fits into the new office space and floor plan as well. When you are ready, schedule a moving and storage estimate with a few different moving companies and commercial movers to get an accurate estimate.
  • Do Your Research – Picking out the commercial movers best for you is essential. Make sure you know what your office needs. Do you need commercial movers who will pack, disassemble/assemble, pack, store, and deliver your belongings? Do you need only storage and no packing? Look up the company’s reputation, if they have insurance and be sure to ask many questions during an estimate so it is thorough. If you feel that the estimate is not thorough, go to another company.
  • Check in with Your Movers - As the moving day approaches, make sure you remember to call and check in with your moving company to make sure everything is going as planned and has been confirmed.

With these recommendations, you will be prepared, and will be able to choose the commercial movers best suited for your office’s move.


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