Business Movers' Top Tips for a Successful Business Move



Advice on Moving a Business from Professional Business Movers in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, & Coral Springs, FLBusiness Movers in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, & Coral Springs, FL

Moving a thriving business or office is difficult. People, technology, furniture, and security must all be addressed, while keeping your business running. To begin any huge project or assignment, make lists, especially if they are offered by experienced business movers and organized into sections. This may help you remember important information and follow procedures. Isn't it great to cross things off the list?

  • Make a Plan – When do you intend to move? Is there a set order for moving items? Should this occur during our billing hours/client work?
  • Examine Leases – Is there a time limit to leave? How should you evacuate the building? You have to leave anything? Your business movers can work with landlords or realtors to meet expectations.
  • Think About IT Equipment - Unless you're a time-traveling businessman, your office uses technology. Your organization may be fully reliant on computers, software, WiFi, and other office equipment. You'll want to minimize downtime when moving your business.
  • Remember the Furnishings – Will you move your old workplace furniture or acquire new ones? Both have benefits and drawbacks. Reputable commercial moving companies can help you disassemble, relocate, and reassemble your existing furniture. They can also help you move your new office chairs and furnishings if you choose to change.
  • Consider Your Staff – Change is hard. Small employee help goes a long way. Maintain open channels of communication throughout the process to avoid surprises. Find creative ways to thank them during the next stage of the company's evolution. Consider throwing a farewell pizza party or asking them to help you choose paint colors or conference room names.
  • Consider Cleaning - Moving generates dust and waste. Your landlords are probably searching for a fresh start. To save time (and money), ask your business movers to clean up after you move out and to clean up before you move in.
  • Open House - Hold an open house if it is appropriate for your firm. A great way to meet current and potential clients, investors, and employees. Invite your new coworkers. So, when you've toasted your new chapter in history, get back to work in your new digs!


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