It is definitely a known fact that getting ready for a move, home or commercial can be a daunting task which can result in stress and anxiety. Just like any other successfully completed project, proper planning and organization are keys to a successful Commercial move. For every mover taking it one step at a time is the best way to go about it. Hence once the decision to relocate is made, the first step is to have an Office Relocation Plan drawn up. This is one of the most important steps taken in an office move.

An office relocation plan is a tool that outlines the tasks necessary to complete a successful move. It should also specify who is responsible for each task, the requirements for the task and when the tasks must be completed.

By creating a guide for the moving process, you ensure necessary tasks are completed in the required timeframe and within budget thereby minimizing downtime and loss of productivity.

You need not worry about the stress and anxiety because We’ve outlined some easy steps and helpful tips to ensure a painless and stress-free office move. Always have it in mind that pre-planning is everything because if you fail to plan you have planned to fail.

Let’s get started, First, we need to know how to create a good office relocation project plan. Below is a guide;

How to Create an Office Relocation Plan

Determine who will be the primary person in charge of the move, which could be either you or someone else within your company. This person will serve as the in-office move coordinator. He or she should be a great organizer, have the authority to represent your company, and be capable of making quick decisions when necessary.

Select a small project planning team. The in-office move coordinator will serve as leader of this team, and together the team will create your office relocation plan.

Know or determine your key dates, such as current lease termination, preferred move date, new lease signing, new office build-out start and finish, and final date for completion of the move. This is to enable you have a target for the move.

Estimate your relocation budget. Review it periodically throughout the move process to ensure the move stays within the budget.

Develop a project plan customized for your office relocation. You can use tips on what to include, such as those provided below, but the best project plan is one created specifically for your office move. Build the plan in a Word document or Excel Spreadsheet. List every service that must be provided to complete the move, who will be responsible for each one, and when the task should be completed.

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