What to Expect in a Moving and Storage Estimate



Information on What You Can Expect in Your Moving Estimate in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, & Coral Springs, FLWhat to Expect in Your Moving Estimate in Alexandria, VA

A moving estimate is a crucial part of your upcoming move. The estimate is a chance to see how a moving and storage company can best fulfill or miss your expectations. It is important to ask lots of questions during the estimate, and to see whether the moving company is the one for you or not. As the one moving, it is important to make sure you provide moving companies with all your move’s details from the amount you are moving, distance, and your expectations in order to receive an accurate moving estimate. Here is Victory Van Corporation’s movers’ advice on what to expect for a moving estimate in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, and Coral Springs, FL.

  • Look at the Details - There are many variables in a move. The estimate will need to cover how many drivers, movers, trucks, vehicles, packing materials, and more will be used during your move. Also, don’t forget the prices for traveling different distances from long-distance to local and additional services added on such as full-service moves, logistics planners, floor planners, and designers.
  • Check the Pricing - During a move, all services are run on billable time. If you are planning a large move such as moving a business, your contract may be binding due to the sheer amount of people and resources required to complete your move. Smaller and more local moves are not binding because they require less time and resources.
  • Ask About Extra Charges - An additional cost can be adding protection to your items and valuable belongings. Ask your moving company during an estimate what these extra charges would be. This can help you if any belongings are lost or damaged during a move.

Protection plans, distances, billable time, movers, drivers, and the amount of stuff being moved all take part in creating an estimate for your next move. A moving estimate has many parts to it so it is important to ask questions and give the movers as much information as you can about your move. It’s important to remember everything you own such as any extra storage your company might have, or the items in your attic at home.


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