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Victory Van Moving & Storage: 2019 in Review



happy new year from Victory Van

With the new year beginning tomorrow, we’re humbled to look back on what we’ve achieved together in 2019. We continued to complete all kinds of different jobs by making it a point to deliver the utmost professionalism, respect and efficiency into everything we did. We continued to align ourselves behind our reputation of making the customer a priority, completing each job with expertise and keeping our core values close to what we do every day. Keep reading to learn more about 2019 and all of the great things we're looking forward to in 2020.

Trust is earned and certainly not given.

We take pride in knowing our wide range of customers - including the Wounded Warriors, different U.S. government agencies, a plethora of different businesses, and local friends and family - all trust us with our full menu of services. That trust means everything to us.

This past year was an exciting one for Victory Van. In 2019 we received three glowing accolades from Allied Vans Lines that recognized our growing success as a company. We’re proud to receive the Consumer Most Volume (Division 5), Million Dollar Booker and Multi-Million Dollar Hauler awards. We watched our beloved Washington Nationals stun the world and win their first World Series as a franchise. Official Washington Nationals moverAs the official moving partner of the Washington Nationals, we were reminded of a few simple things while watching them stay in that seven-game-series fight. We were reminded about the importance of maintaining a meticulous attention to detail. When the Nats started this season, they had a 0.01% to advance to a World Series final. They took it one game at a time and paid attention to every single little detail. We were also reminded about tenacity. The Nats faced elimination eight different times on their way to becoming champions. Finally, we were reminded about the importance of working together. As an employee owned company, we share our successes together.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

We’re extremely proud to look back on everything we’ve accomplished since our company was founded in 1928. As we look forward we can see 2020 right around the corner. The turn of the decade comes with many exciting opportunities and celebrations for Victory Van. The New Year will mark the 75th anniversary of Victory Van Corporation. We changed our name in 1945 to celebrate America’s victory in World War II – cementing the victory of American fairness, integrity and commitment to always do the right thing.

Victory Van and Herndon

We understand the importance of giving back to our community and at Victory Van we’re committed to give back in a variety of different avenues and efforts. For example, we partner with the Girl Scouts of America each year to deliver cookies across Northern Virginia, we donate trucks and drivers to the Herndon High School Homecoming parade, we’ve partnered with The Ladies Board of Inova Loudoun Hospital to help organize their annual rummage sales, we assist with the setup and breakdown of the Army 10 miller race and we partnered with National Geographic to assist setting up their Titanic exhibit.


2020 will no doubt mark an exciting new chapter for Victory Van. We’re truly blessed for the opportunity to do what we do and we’ve accrued an incredible team of professionals who are dedicated to the success and support of each other. Our commitment to satisfaction doesn’t stop with the customers. We believe in taking pride in not only what we do, but also whom we work with. Our co-workers are the best investment in the company’s success. As we take this time around the holiday season to celebrate 2019’s successes together, we’re also looking full steam ahead into 2020 and all of the exciting opportunities for Victory Van.


Happy New Year from all of us at Victory Van!

We're here for you in 2020 and beyond. Contact us for all of your moving and storage needs.