Tips for Moving Antiques and Fine Art



How to Move Valuable Items Safely

It can be very stressful to move to a new home. Planning when you'll move, buying packing supplies, and taking care of all the other details of a move is a lot. On top of that, if you have fine art or antiques, you'll need to be extra careful when moving them. But the movers at Victory Van Moving and Storage know how to make sure that all of your things get there safely.


Do Your Research

Most of the time, it's best to start packing as soon as possible before a move so you have enough time to get your collection ready. You should set aside time for planning and research, like getting quotes for moving and measuring your artwork. Once you've picked a date that works for you and your art, it's important to take an inventory before moving day. You will need inventory maps and records to keep track of your things both while you are traveling and when you get to your destination. Make sure your movers know if they need any special insurance.


Don't Disassemble Your Furniture

Due to the different ways that antique furniture is put together and held together, it is best to keep everything in one piece. If you try to take something apart, you might damage it or lower its value. So, it's best to talk to an expert about moving antique furniture.


Protect Your Pieces

If you need to move a large or fragile piece of art, you should always hire a moving company. This will make it possible to move the art without putting it in danger. Place smaller items on a flat surface before wrapping them in bubble wrap to pack them. Make sure to wrap all of the artwork properly before putting it in a moving box (including the back of the object). Then, the wrap should be sealed with tape. Large pieces of art, mirrors, and other pieces with multiple panels may need to be taken out of their frames. Again, this is something you should only do with the help of a professional. Most of the time, it's best to pack art in a custom-made crate for extra protection.


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