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Why You Need Professional Packers

Have you decided to pack yourself? Before you start collecting boxes and tape, setting aside hours of spare time you don’t have, and getting ready to take on a monster of a job, consider letting Victory Van do it for you. Here are 5 major reasons to leave the packing to the pros. You might find that when it gets down to it, the money you save isn’t worth the hassle and the heartache of packing yourself.

1. All Boxed In

Most people don’t get enough boxes when they pack. There’s nothing worse than running around trying to scramble together a bunch of cardboard boxes at the last minute. Usually, you end up with some store rejects that might be dirty, flimsy or home to unwelcome germs and bugs.

When you call us, we arrive with our sturdy, eco-friendly Victory Crates. We bring the right number and you never have to worry that they’ll fall apart. Because they can be used over and over, our patented Victory Crates are also a green moving option. Best of all, you don’t have to wonder how you’re going to get rid of them when the move is done because we haul them away to use at the next job.

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2. Broken Dreams

Imagine opening up your boxes in your new home to see your artwork, china, and electronics equipment in pieces. It happens all too often because most home packers don’t know how to properly protect these fragile items.

China, artwork, and collectibles require special crates and special handling. Putting a “fragile” sticker on a box is no guarantee that the box will receive proper handling in the whirlwind of packing and moving. When you callVictory Van, you can breathe easy, knowing that we’ll bring whatever is needed to ensure that your most delicate items really are “handled with care.”

3. Heavy Duty

Some items, like pool tables and water beds, are especially heavy and you’ll need a lot of help getting them out the door and onto a truck. Most people hate moving just as much as you do, so good luck finding someone to shift those heavy items for you.

Other types of furniture may be large and bulky but delicate. That includes pianos, grandfather clocks, and antique furniture. These items require specialized training to move, as they can be damaged beyond repair if they’re dropped or handled improperly.

At Victory Van, we have movers who are specially trained to move pianos and similar items. We won’t just drag your precious baby grand onto a pallet. We wrap and protect it every step of the way until it’s placed gently in its new home. Most pianos require tuning after they’re moved, even by experts, but tuning is a lot less expensive than having to replace the instrument.

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4. Major Pain

Moving isn’t just a pain in the neck. Bending, packing and hauling boxes to a truck all day long is a job that will take a toll on your back, arms, legs, and shoulders. If you’re moving in bad weather, add the risk of slips and falls to that list. Even if you’re willing to endure all that, do you really want your friends and family to go through it? Professional packers don’t injure themselves because they have training and experience. They know how to work quickly and safely. Victory Van doesn’t send just anyone to your home. We send a team of bonded, insured, background-checked moving experts.

5. Truck Trouble

If you’ve rented a van or truck, do you know the best way to make use of its space?Professional packersknow exactly how to stack and rack those boxes and crates in a way that uses the space efficiently while minimizing breakage.

Did you remember to get padding for the truck? What about a dolly or a handcart? If you don’t want the hassle of having to remember every little detail, leave it to us.

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Take the Stress out of Moving

Moving is a stressful, time-consuming activity, and when you pack yourself, you can easily double the time and hassle involved.Let Victory Van save you the time, trouble and worry. Compared to the headaches and possible losses of a do-it-yourself packing job, the cost is surprisingly affordable. Call a friendly, knowledgeable Victory Van representative today at 1-800-572-3131 and get a free estimate. We’ll get you moving in no time flat.


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