Remodeling Tips and Storage Solutions. What are my options?




There are many kinds of remodeling projects and thus, many different storage options. Still, whether it's a tiny project or a big one, you must consider how it'll affect you and your things so you can plan ahead. Here are some remodeling tips and storage solutions that we are glad to share with you.

Keep these 5 things in mind

  1. Plan Ahead. Where will you be sleeping, eating or taking a shower while you are renovating your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom? Will you need to move out or just move to another room? Set up a temporary kitchen (a fridge and a microwave for instance), since you still need to prepare meals on an everyday basis and must keep cooking items handy. Move your bathroom stuff to that other bathroom that you are planning to use in the meantime. Or, if it's a huge remodeling project, move out for a while:  Stay at your parent's? With friends? Short-term apartment or hotel? Keep your budget in mind and choose what's best for you!remodeling tips to save money
  2. Expect some frustration. The remodeling results are exciting but the process can get very tiring and frustrating. Things might not be delivered on time, they might send you the wrong item or the wrong size. Other imperfections that you had not considered might show up... hopefully none of this will happen but knowing that it might will help you to handle things in a calmer way rather than be surprised or shocked by them.
  3. If you are hiring help for your remodeling project, make sure it is all written down. All of it. A detailed contract will save you some headaches: initial start and end dates, right street address, things that will get done and things that won't. All written down, please! (ok, or printed, you know what we mean).
  4. Pack/store beforehand. Will your things fit in another room or will you need extra storage options? Maybe just a storage unit that you can rent? Maybe have your things taken to a bigger storage facility? It all depends on the size and the kind of remodeling, along with the amount of things you have. Plan ahead so you either buy some storage boxes and racks or hire professional storage services before the remodeling starts.
  5. Pamper yourself! You are finally remodeling that room or that kitchen...get involved so you get what you really want! Share your design ideas with the designer or, if you are doing it yourself, make sure you add that little something that makes you happy. Could it be a bathtub? Maybe a special tile or flooring? You name it! You are putting a lot of effort on this, make sure you get what you want and makes you happy.

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Storage Options

remodeling and storage solutions

When it comes to storage, it really all depends on the size of the remodeling and the amount of things that you have. You've decided that you want to move them out of the area being remodeled to avoid possible damage, that's for sure, but where? how?

  • If you are just remodeling a room, maybe you can store things yourself in another room. Buy some racks for your clothes and a few boxes to pack everything and move it all to some other area in your house. Same with furniture. Get some friend's help and clear that area out!
  • Ok, so it is not only a single room that you are remodeling but probably two. Or maybe it is indeed just one room but you don't have enough storage space in your house. What should you do? maybe you should consider renting a portable storage unit. They are brought to your home so you can store your things right there, let's say in your backyard, and have an easy access to them at anytime.
  • You are remodeling big time, floors, ceiling, plumbing, everything! Well yes, you need to move your things out and a small storage unit won't do the trick, you need bigger solutions. We recommend hiring professional's help to move it all out and store it somewhere else.

Victory Van Storage Solutions


storage solutions victory van

Victory Van offers short-term and long-term storage solutions. We are problem solvers and our job is to make things easier for you so you only worry about the remodeling and not about your things as well: If you know they are safely stored, that's one less thing to worry about! We offer, among other things:

  • Environmentally-controlled warehouse
  • 24/7 Access to your inventory
  • Fully-trained staff
  • Advanced fire and theft protection systems
  • Multi-client facilities for lower storage costs
  • Dry warehousing option for items that need to be kept free of moisture
  • Climate controlled storage

Last but not least, do keep in mind that some things require special storing conditions and can't just be packed anywhere (under the sun in a container, for example). Art pieces might require specific storage conditions, so will medications. Specially if they will be stored for a long time. Get in touch with our storage professionals to talk about this or any other storage-related questions that you might have, we are always happy to help.


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