Where to Find Great Remodeling Ideas.



There are many reasons to start a remodeling project, some might be:

where to find remodeling ideas
  1. You are just tired and bored of your house's look and want to renovate
  2. Something broke and so you have no choice but to renovate
  3. You want to sell you home but acknowledge that it needs some remodeling done before the sale

Also, depending on your project's reasons, size and budget, there are different internet resources that offer help and remodeling ideas. Some web pages focus more on big/long-term/expensive changes and hiring contractors while others help with their DIY advice. Here is a list that we want to share with you so you can find the ones that work best for your own project!

DIY and Small Renovation Projects

diy remodeling web pages

  • House Beautiful Full of ideas and tricks not only on renovating your home but also con cleaning, organizing, decorating... Get ideas here!
  • Retro Renovation "We help you remodel and decorate your home in mid-century and vintage style" and yes they do! If you want to get a vintage-style couch or a bathroom that looks like it just came back from the 70's, these are your guys, these are the ideas you need.
  • DIY Network Its name says it all. Not only ideas but they actually tell you how to do things yourself. Practical advice according to different budgets.
  • Do It Yourself "How-Tos" by categories. Slide shows, videos, projects. A hands-on website!

Now, if you are not sure whether you should do the remodeling yourself or hire professional's help, go to and let them give you a hand on this decision-making process.

Medium-Sized Remodeling

  • home renovation ideasHouzz "Get inspired. Shop Products. Find pros." Yes, all in one page. Ideas, products and suggestions on professionals that you can hire for your remodeling.
  • Young House Love Ok, this web page can go from small to big project ideas (which is why we chose to put it in the middle). What makes this web page different is that it offers more traditional, family-friendly kind of advice. This page was started by a couple inspired by their small renovation projects but has evolved into larger projects now. They offer accessible and affordable hacks and tricks and useful family-friendly renovating ideas. 
  • Remodelista on the other hand, offers more modern ideas and trends, basically. Which doesn't mean they are not "homey" and family friendly, just a little more trendy and less traditional. Beautiful, modern, simple and thus, elegant in its own way.

Big Projects

  • home remodeling ideasPorch is a website that offers advice and help on big remodeling projects. You can find a list of the professionals that you might need, the different projects that can get done and even cost guides. Find remodeling professionals at this web page.

Over the top

  • 123 remodeling Now here we share over the top ideas. Remodeling suggestions that definitely require to hire professionals. From underground parking to basement pools. You must take a look at what some people are having done, pretty amazing!


And of course, apps. Websites help but so do apps that offer very practical help, such as:

  • home remodeling appsHouzz
  • Homezada
  • Zillow Digs
  • Magicplan
  • Adornably
  • Room Planner by Chief Architect

One basic question remains:

Warehouse managers and worker talking in a large warehouse

What about your things when it comes to remodeling time? Where are you going to store everything? Can you DIY or do you need professional's help? Here are some Home Storage Solutions that we share with you so you decide if you need help storing your items or not and, if not, how can you do it yourself?

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Give us a call and we'd be happy to help you store your items while you remodel your home. Trust us, it'll be one less thing to worry about!


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