Packing Tips to Safely Move Flat Screen TVs



Professional Packing Tips for Safely Moving Flat Screen TVs in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, & Coral Springs, FLtv-movers

With your move coming up, you have everything planned out, you have your moving company picked and ready to arrive, and everything is packed—almost everything. Flat screen TVs might seem a little baffling to safely pack for a move, but that is why Victory Van Corporation’s professional movers are here to share their favorite packing tips with you.

  1. Unplug & Pack Cords - Remove all cords from the TV first. The power cord should be wrapped and tied with a twist-tie or a rubber band to keep it out of the way. This cord should not be loose as it could cause possible tripping or falling hazards. Make sure the cords are stored in a Ziploc or sealable bag and labeled for which TV they belong to avoid any confusion when resetting up your TV after the move-in.

  2. Remove TV Base or Mount - Separate the TV from its base or mount to pack separately. The TV screen should be packed by itself.

  3. Pack TV - Pack the TV with either the original box or a new good-quality box to make sure it is the same size and is flat in shape. A box that is too big or too wide will risk the TV moving its transportation.

  4. This Side Up - Prop the TV and box upright during the move. Do not put any boxes on top of it to avoid risking damage.

These are our movers favorite packing tips for when packing your flat screen TV for a move. With these packing tips, your flatscreen TV will be safe during its transportation with this information. In the end, hiring a professional moving and storage company to help complete your move will streamline the process and pack your fragile belongings such as the flat screen TV with ease.



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