Packing for Your Home Move: 8 Ways to Make it Easier



Moving is exciting but also very stressful. One of the biggest concerns is packing – how do you pack? Where do you start? What do you do so the dishes won’t break? How long is packing  going to take me? All of these questions can only be answered by you but here are some tips to help you out along the way.

1. Give yourself enough time

The best way to make sure you have enough time to get it all done is to create a schedule. Work backwards from your move date so that you know you will fit in everything that needs to get done. Having a schedule will also help you think through all the details so nothing falls through the cracks, especially the last minute things like your refrigerator. Don’t forget: that will need to be defrosted and cleaned before you go.

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2. Clear out junk

Cutting down on clutter before your move is going to make settling into your new home so much easier. Take a look through closets, basements, attics and start giving away things. Either deliver your “gifts” promptly or set a deadline for pickup by friends and family. Another option is to hold a garage sale and make a few bucks. Many charities, such as Habitat for Humanity,  will come and pick up larger items for you. Last but not least, rent a dumpster and chuck all of the things you really don’t want to bring to your new home.

3. Have enough boxes

The first thing you need is a bunch of boxes and you probably need more than you think. Ask your moving company if they sell boxes or stop in your local U-Haul. Both of them will provide you with all sorts of boxes made especially for things like clothes, dishes, glasses. For a more economical option, ask your local grocery, liquor and hardware stores if they have leftover boxes you can have.

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4. Don’t skimp on tape

Tape is another one of those items that you will most likely need more of than you anticipate. Buy a lot of it. Buy enough that you can reinforce the bottoms of your boxes so nothing falls apart.


5. Label the boxes

You already know to plan for more boxes that you think you’ll need. With all of those boxes, label each one by room. It’s extremely efficient and helpful to label each side of the box so you can see what’s in it no matter which way the box is unloaded. Many people find it helpful to not only label each box but to also use a color coding system for each room as well. Do what works best for you.


6. Consider the weight of the boxes

Boxes get heavy quickly. A good rule of thumb: the bigger the box, the lighter the contents inside. So put your books in small boxes and towels, sheets and bedding in larger boxes.

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7. Don’t waste space

An easy way to save money is to use things you already have to pack up belongings. This is where coolers, laundry baskets and empty suitcases come in handy. Not only does this save money but it also means you aren’t wasting any packing space.


8. Pack a first-night box

Most people forget this important tip. By having a “first-night” box you will decrease the stress of the first day in the new home. It’s a terrible feeling to realize right before you go to sleep in your new home that you have no idea where to find your hair dryer or makeup or toothbrush. Prevent last minute runs to buy a set of clothes or toiletries by keeping this box with you in the car.



These 8 tips will give you a good head start on how to pack for your home move. Keeping the tips top of mind before you have to move is a time-saver and makes the move a bit easier for the whole family.


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