Organizing Your Garage on Move-In Day



Reliable Packers and Movers’ Advice on Organizing Your Garage for Move-In Day in Alexandria, VA , Sterling, VA, & Coral Springs, FLReliable Packers and Movers in Alexandria, VA

During a move, move-in days can be hectic. When worrying about where everything will go in your new home, it is easy to forget about your garage! Without a clean plan for how to organize or how you will use the space, your garage can be cluttered and difficult to use very quickly. Here are some of Victory Van Corporation’s packers and movers’ professional advice and tips on keeping your garage in order during and after your move in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, and Coral Springs, FL.


Declutter, Donate, or Sell

Before you begin your move, take advantage of this time to declutter. This will help both you and any of the moving companies coming to help you move. When packing, make piles for items you will keep, throw away, or donate. This will save you time and money, so you don’t have to move items you no longer want or need. While packing, keep similar items in the same labelled boxes. Put your tools together in their boxes for example instead of mixing different items together at random. With that plan, you will know where to find what you need during your move and unpacking will be much easier.


Plan Your Garage Layout Ahead of Time

Remember to plan out your garage and how you will use the space. See how you can plan where big items such as your kids’ bikes, or the tool bench will go. Planning this ahead of time will save you and your packers and movers a lot of hassle. A garage is a high traffic place in your home where you go in and out on your daily commute. Our packers and movers recommend you plan for open floor space when creating the floor plan of your garage to decrease the chance of tripping or injury. Invest in sturdy shelves to keep items off the floor. Store items in clearly labelled boxes and bins so it is easy to find what you may need in your garage.

With these expert tips from our professional packers and movers, you home will be complete after your move-in day is done. An organized and thought out garage will be the finishing touch to your home, providing you with a new place you can use and work in daily.


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