National Movers’ Tips on the Best Way to Move Plants to Your New Home



Industry-Leading National Movers’ Advice on How to Move Plants to Your New Home in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, & Coral Springs, FLIndustry-Leading National Movers’ Advice on How to Move Plants to Your New Home in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, & Coral Springs, FL

When planning for a move, you will plan what needs to be packed and labeled, what furniture you can move first, and where everything will go in your new home. But you might be stumped when you look at your leafy challenge that are your indoor plants. In this blog our national movers will discuss ways you can safely move your house plants to your new home.



Which Plants Can You Move?

The hard answer is that you might not be able to move all your plants. If you are crossing state or country borders, there are some rules about what kind of plants can be taken depending on if they are invasive or harmful to the area you are moving in. Take the weather and season into account too. Some plants are too fragile for a cold weather move. Some plants will not survive a long-distance transportation either. If this is the case for some of your plants, be sure to re-home them before you begin packing for your move.



How to Prepare Your Plants

National movers suggest you prepare your plants for your move.

  • Give your plants plant food a few weeks before the move for extra strength.
  • Prune and remove dead leaves or branches.
  • If necessary, repot into plastic pots if their pots are too heavy or bulky to pack.
  • Water plants before the move but do not overwater to help with stress.
  • Hang up hanging plants in your car from hooks or rope.
  • Wrap plants for a move in cold weather to lessen shock.
  • Wrap plants to protect limbs or leaves from breaking off.

These tips should get your off to a great start. You will be able to put small plants together in a box and big ones in boxes with lots of paper and plastic to keep them upright. Start preparing and planning ahead to see what plants you can take with you on your next move.



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