The previous post on a move to France tells us all we need to know about the country. Ever wonder about the things you need to do during and after the France move? This article will guide you on all that. So READ ON.


Visa and Documents

Depending on the purpose of your trip to France, there are different types of visas available. Whether you are planning to go on a visit, study, work or live your whole life in France.  Do your research to make sure you get the right visa.

France airline

To get a French visa, the French embassy requires proof of health insurance. If you don't have any, then you can get a Schengen travel insurance policy. This should be valid in all Schengen countries. It can be confusing and/or overwhelming. Because of this, we would recommend the service of an immigration adviser.

Booking your flight early can actually be cheap as most airlines subsidize their cost when you book ahead of time. Check out all of the airlines especially some of the ones with newer routes to Europe such as Norwegian Air or Iceland Air.

 Bank details update

You will need to open either a London bank account or an international bank account. Ask your bank about various obtainable options. This is necessary to help you decide what to do.

A bank account is one of the most important thing to remember. You'll need an international one to pay for so many things like rent, utility bills, getting a mobile phone.

                                                                    Tax payments

France move Do your research and be sure you know about the tax payment procedures to avoid unnecessary payments. Notify your current government that you are moving so you only pay taxes at your new country of house.


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In need of storage services? It all depends on how you decide to move. If you aren't bringing all of your things,  you might need to store some stuff for a while. Logistics can get tricky sometimes when planning a move to Europe. You have to work things out according to your budget and time spent overseas. 


Speaking of moving your belongings.....

If you are flying your things they will get there in a couple of days but it is the more expensive option to choose. If you prefer shipping them (in a container, on a ship), it'll be cheaper but will take longer time. That might give you some time to find a home for the meantime. Plan well and ask your mover about it.


5 key things to do when you touch down in France:

                                                                               Find a home

France home

Once you are there, check out the flats or apartments available. Survey the neighborhood, schools, parks, restaurants, meet the landlord. Explore YOUR new home!

                                   Unpack, assemble, do some shopping

unpacking in france

You will need to buy home appliances. Not only are the plug-ins different but so is the voltage

Another note to remember: Your American electronic devices won't work well in Europe.

You may even need to get some new clothes. This will help you survive the new European weather: rain boots, coats, warm sweaters.


Getting around

Biking in France

Owning a Car is quite expensive in Europe especially in France. You have to pay an extra fee if you need to drive in the downtown area plus, it is almost impossible to park anywhere.

We movers would tell you to take public transportation, which happens to be great around France especially in Paris. Or walk, if possible. This is even healthy for you and will give you an opportunity to see what's around.



Friendship in France

Finally you are settled in France. What now? You will either find some friends or join a club. It is easy to find people who share your interests or hobbies. Look for groups that match your interests online.

Yes, the Francophones make friends and are easy to socialize with. Still, there are so many other foreigners (such as yourself) in a cosmopolitan city. So chances are you will find more friends to have fun with and make the best out of your new life.


                                                                                      Fun time

You've survived the international move! It's time to enjoy your ex-pat life. Fun after France move

Be sure to contact us today for your home move. We will take away as much stress as possible whether you move down the street, across town or across the ocean!


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