Moving a Pool Table. Should You Hire Help?



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Moving a pool table is not the same as moving a couch or any other piece of furniture. You can't just lift it up and take it from one place to another. Why is that? well, pool tables, just like pianos, are a strange mixture of heavy and bulky with delicate and vulnerable. The heavy and bulky implies that many people are needed for their move, not even an experienced mover will move a pool table all by himself. The delicate and vulnerable means that you must count on the help of professionals with professional tools for its proper handling, disassembling and reassembling.

So, does it sound like you can just watch a you-tube video and do it yourself with the help of some pals? That would indeed be a great idea and save you some money if you guys were moving any other piece of furniture but, since it's a pool table, we recommend you think twice. Spending money on hiring the expert when it comes to moving a pool table is something that some people do even if they are only moving it from one room to another... inside the very same house! Let alone moving it to a totally new place. Are these people bonkers or is it really necessary to hire an expert? Judge for yourself.

Things to consider when moving a pool table


1.- Weight of the table

moving a pool table Pool tables are heavy, even when disassembled. Most of them are made of heavy slate and others are even made with marble. Now try lifting that rock all by yourself... you can end up either hurting yourself or the table... or both! This is also why trying to move a pool table in just one piece is insane; if some parts are really heavy, imagine the thing as a whole!

2.- Size of the table and path of the move

Pool tables come in all sizes and this obviously affects their move. You have to plan the path of your move ahead of time according to the size of the table... Also, are there any stairs? How will you get your table upstairs or downstairs?

There is this one other thing related to measuring things that might seem a little obvious to mention but, we must: make sure your pool table fits into its final destination. There have been times (when moved by amateurs) when pool tables make it to the final destination just to find out they don't fit as well or that there isn't enough room left to play around them.

3.- Distance of the move

pool table movers near me Victory VanIf you are moving your pool table  just from one room to another (an in-house move) it is obviously cheaper and easier to do. If you are moving your pool table to another location, you will then need to hire a truck or borrow one. And drive it all the way there, of course. Make sure it is all packed properly so it doesn't get damaged during the ride.


4.- Age and quality of the table

If your pool table is not just a regular one but rather an expensive and much loved antique, made with the highest quality possible, you are certainly risking a lot if you intend to move it yourself. We are talking about a family heirloom here, do you really want to risk it? Moving companies usually offer guarantees for this kind of objects and trust us, it is worth considering the option.

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5.- Disassembling, reassembling, leveling

Since you can't move a pool table in just one piece, you have to take care of its proper disassembling -before the move- and its reassembling -after the move-. You must use the appropriate tools and if this work is done for the first time, with zero experience, it might lead to damaging your table in ways that you probably didn't even imagine you could (and end up paying more for its repair).How to move a pool table

Here is one piece of advice: When hiring movers, do not try to dismantle the table yourself just to try to save some money. Some people disassemble the table themselves so the movers can just come and do the heavy lifting. They don't want to be charged for dismantling the table but, the reality is, they could end up paying more money just to repair the damage they caused. Let the experts do it.

Once your pool table has arrived and is fully assembled, you will also need to get your table leveled. Everybody knows its better to play on a cheap but properly leveled pool table, than in an expensive but not leveled one. It takes more than watching a DIY you-tube video to get this done well: Experience, tools, knowledge. You know, things that experts have.

Final recommendations

So yes, there are many things to take into consideration when moving a pool table and the best way to go is to hire a professional's help. You don't want to end up paying the same amount of money -or more!- to get an expert fix the damage that your DIY moving inexperience has probably caused. Not worth risking it when there is people who can do it and do it well, don't you think?

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