Home Moving Tips: How to Pack Crystal




5 Steps to Packing Glassware and Crystal


Even if you’ve hired professional movers to do your packing, there are some items you might want to pack yourself. You can always trust Victory Van's employee owners to pack and handle your fragile items with care. Contact us for more information about how we can help. But if you’re more comfortable doing it yourself, this post will take you through the process, step by step.

1. Get Your Moving Supplies

Gather the supplies you will need to protect your fragile items, and remember that crystal with irregular shapes, like pitchers and wine glasses, will need extra padding. Some of the moving supplies you may need include:

  • Several rolls of bubble wrap
  • Special dish and crystal cartons
  • Packing paper, which is more protective than newspaper
  • Sealing Tape
  • Strips and planks of sturdy cardboard
  • Scissors or a knife to cut the cardboard

2. Keep it Cushioned

Each crystal piece should be well cushioned in bubble wrap with the bubble side facing out, and then placed in a protective cardboard box or sleeve. Here are a few things to remember when cushioning your precious goods:

  • Seal the items in bubble wrap and then wrap it in cardboard.
  • You can use pre-cut, round cardboard shapes to fit around crystal dishes, using one on each side to create a “sandwich” effect.
  • The cardboard box or sleeve should fit securely around the bubble-wrapped items and be sealed with tape.
  • For extra protection, you can add another, outer layer of bubble wrap.

Get Your Free Quote 3. Pack with Care

It’s important to pack crystal and other fragile items tightly enough that they can’t shift around in the box. Moving around will cause them to strike each other and break. When starting to pack, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Spread a layer of newspaper or packing peanuts on the bottom of the box.
  • If you have a crystal crate, use that.
  • For glasses, use a box with pre-cut dividers, such as those used for wine bottles.
  • Pack glasses standing up and dishes flat, as if you were setting a table.
  • Fill in any empty spaces with more newspaper, packing paper or peanuts.

4. Layer it Up

You can pack different types of crystal items in the same box but be sure to layer them carefully. 

  • Once you put a layer of items, place a protective piece of cardboard over them.
  • Place the heaviest items first and the lighter ones on top.
  • Always be sure crystal items are packed securely, with no sliding or shifting around.

5. Handle with Care

Even if you’re managing your own moving process, always mark “fragile” on the boxes of crystal or other breakable items.

  • For extra safety, move the boxes yourself, preferably before moving day.
  • Set the boxes aside and mark them clearly so they don’t get moved with the non-fragile items.
  • Transport them in your own car or rented van, not on the moving truck.

Call the Experts

You can always trust Victory Van’s expert packers to pack and move your crystal with the care it deserves. We’ll ensure that it’s properly packed, gently handled, and delivered to your new home safe and sound.

If you have questions about how to pack certain items, your Victory Van Move Consultant can give you expert tips and advice. Call Victory Van today and let us pack and move your whole house, saving you time, energy and worry. Whether it’s crystal, a piano, or regular household furniture, Victory Van can get it moved and get you on your way to your new home. Click below to learn more about our services and get a customized, free quote.