Moving Day Checklist: 19 Things That You Just Can't Forget



moving day checklist

You been preparing yourself for your moving day for weeks, or probably even months. The big day has come and you will be so busy with so many things going on around you, that having a checklist at hand to remind you of everything that must get done (amidst all the fuss) is a must. Don't worry, we've got this one for you! After all we, at Victory Van, we have years of experience in moving and are happy to share our moving day checklist with you. Here we go:

Leaving Home 

  1. Organize and set aside those things that you're taking with you so that they don 't get loaded on the van. Make sure that you take all your valuables with you. If you are bringing snacks and water bottles for the road, set them aside as well.
  2. moving boxes Victory VanKeep children and pets in a secured area while movers are packing and loading. Although you might want to leave a kid or two behind, we strongly recommend you don't (just kidding!).
  3. Make sure that someone is at home to answer the van foreman's questions. Someone must be there to supervise the whole process and help the movers make decisions according to your preferences -if needed.
  4. All walkways and driveways must be clear of snow, ice, mud or other hazards. Set the alarm early in the morning if necessary, there will be a lot of work to do!
  5. It is important to do a final walkthrough of the residence prior to the driver leaving to Victory Van movesensure everything has been loaded and any residence damage is noted. Sweep the floors to make sure you leave nothing behind. Double check drawers, closets, cabinets to make sure they are all empty.
  6. Close all the windows, turn lights and water heater off. Turn the thermostat down if necessary.
  7. Read your Bill of Lading and lnventory carefully before you sign them. Compare the movers' inventory with yours. Keep these and all related papers in a safe location until all charges have been paid and all claims, if any, have been settled.
  8. Make sure the movers have a phone number where they can reach you in case of a problem.
  9. Say good-bye to your neighbors and off you go!

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At Your New Home

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  1. Roll out a carpet to protect your new home's flooring if your movers haven't done so (but a good one will!).
  2. Show your movers around and let them know where everything goes
  3. Make sure that all of your items got home safe, that nothing is broken, damaged or missing. Otherwise, let your moving company know about it as soon as possible.
  4. Check that everything at your new house works well. Turns lights on and off, heaters, water, appliances, air conditioning... If something doesn't work accordingly, let your real state agent know about it.
  5. Sign in the inventory sheet and make sure the mover signs it too.
  6. You might want to tip your movers (recommended if they did a great job).
  7. Once your movers are gone, do an initial clean before setting down your furniture.what to expect on moving day
  8. First things first: Curtains and shades for privacy. If you don't have any yet, cover your windows with some sheets. It will also help you sleep better at night.
  9. Make your bed and get the bathroom ready to use (clean it and place toiletries and shower curtain). You will need a shower and good night sleep at the end of this long day, trust us!
  10. Is everyone here? No kids or pets missing? bummer! you couldn't get rid of at least one kid after all... (just kidding!) Now that you are all finally home, enjoy the experience and make it your own. Don't forget to give yourselves time to walk around the neighborhood, to take a break every now and then. There will be plenty of time to unpack and relocate and decorate everything, don't try to do it all in just one day!

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The following days

Don't forget to get to know your neighbors, to thank your real state agent if everything's in place and of course, to go grocery shopping as soon as you can: at this point, you've all probably eaten too much take out and are ready for some homemade meals. Make yourselves at home!

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As you can see, this day can be a very stressful one for everyone and it implies a lot of organization, supervision and hard work. We strongly recommend that you choose your moving company wisely, since hiring someone with the expertise and the know-how that such an endeavor requires will in the end make all the difference between suffering through it or not. Let us, Victory Van, give you a hand, we can together choose the best moving options for you and your budget.