Everyone wants to have a quick estimate and cost for a move. The true value of the in-home estimate is so much about having a sincere cost estimator who will develop a unique moving cost plan for your move. Follow this guide to learn about moving cost estimation and how much it will cost for you to move to your new home! Keep reading!

When you’re planning a moving budget, it helps to know how much it will cost to move. While this number depends on the size of your home, your moving company, and the distance you’re moving. Costs like packing supplies, your moving date, and moving insurance will all impact the final price.let us consider the.........

How Much Does it Cost to Move?

Estimate cost to move. Moving costs estimate

How much you will pay to move house is obviously one of the major concerns associated with a household relocation.

Professional moving companies like Victory Van have their own system for determining the costs related to the upcoming move, which is a good starting point for those who would like to calculate moving costs in advance and create a moving budget

It’s easy to overlook some of the moving-related costs due to numerous and overwhelmingly complicated tasks that you have on your mind when preparing a household move.

In order to provide an accurate quote and determine how much it will cost for you to move, Victory Van will suggest an in-home estimate. This is to create a unique moving plan.

During the survey, the move estimator would like to have an in-dept knowledge about the items to be moved. This would enable him to have an accurate estimate of the move, suggest the different moving services available and also provide the exact number of equipment required for the move.

The success of the move depends on the information gathered at the time of the survey.

The client and the move estimator should be able to spend quality time, discussing in details how an easy hitch free move can be achieve. This would also enable the company to be on ground to assist the client in case there should be any problem either on the move day or at the destination.

Cost estimation of a move

For instance during one of our moves, the client needed to get out his things from his actual home two days before he could get into his new home. We had to figure out where to store the household equipment. We could have used our storage facilities for that.  But our truck had no other programed deliveries in those two days. So we helped him keeping the truck with his things. However this was not included in the budget.

As an estimator we have our client at heart. We had to discuss with the driver of the truck to find out if the stuffs can be stored up in the truck. However, a waiting time payment was given to the driver and this costed 400 per day that is a total of 800. By doing this , we helped our client to save cost.

We are always highly recommended by our clients because of the excellent services we provide.

However, this is not so for other moving companies that would prefer to discuss and estimate your move on the phone and on the day of the move will not be present to assist you move smoothly thereby procuring more moving cost for the client.

Some moves can be really big, HOLLYWOOD MOVE. Such move can be time consuming and will require extra days and extra charge for it as well.

Often times clients would want us to move certain items that we normally don't move. The client would have to reach an agreement with the driver and tip him if possible so that it can be moved. This way the cost of extra charges is saved. Damages on such items would not be on the company as such items would not be in the inventory.

Cost of moving a house

There are many factors that determine the price of your move but time isn’t one of them. The moving cost is based on the moving load, distance and required moving services.

Once you get in touch with a relocation company and request a moving estimate, make sure you understand which aspects are included, so as to be able to compare moving quotes and choose the most suitable one.

Although your goal is to avoid unreasonable and excessive moving fees and charges, you shouldn’t go for the lowest moving quote without doing any further research.

Estimating a move

Fraudulent moving companies use those too-good-to-be-true offers to attract and take advantage of the customers who are looking to cut moving costs.

A few simple safety steps can go a long way towards protecting yourself against rogue movers, so make sure to do your homework and do a background check on every moving company you are interested in.

And finally: always read the fine print before signing any contract.

Hidden moving costs

There are several moving services that can add to the final cost of the household move. They are usually referred to as ”hidden moving costs”, but here at Victory Van moving and storage we care for a transparent pricing system, so we would like to compile a list of additional moving services that are usually included in the estimated moving cost.

Due to unpredictable circumstances, you may end up paying more than you have planned, which may generate additional stress and frustration.

Some moving company would give clients shuttle charges .This is payment put in place to cover for future damages in case there be need for it during the move. Sometimes this charge could be quite high.

Parking up after a cost estimation

However, the cost of moving with Victory doesn’t have to be enormous if you budget for the following moving services and fees in advance:

  • Full service movers, packing services and specialty packing supplies which will generate additional expenses.
  • Moving heavy and cumbersome items like pianos, pool tables or lawnmowers.
  • Carrying of belongings from the moving truck to your residence over a longer distance.
  • Disassembling/reassembling fees in case you need your movers to take large furniture pieces apart and put them together at your new residence.
  • Storage of belongings for some time before being moved to a new residence.

Types of moving estimates

Reputable movers like Victory will always be willing to pay you a visit, assess your belongings and issue an in-home moving estimate.

Our moving quotes are customized to fit your specific needs and provide clear guidelines when it comes to your moving expenses. When requesting a moving estimate, it’s good to understand the difference between them and to figure out which type suits your needs and requirements.

When you get in touch with moving companies to request a moving quote, there are 3 types of moving estimates you can expect:

  • non-binding moving estimate
  • binding moving estimate
  • binding-not-to-exceed estimate

Non-binding moving estimates

Non-binding moving estimate is the most common type which provides a general idea of how much the move will cost you. The estimated price doesn’t bind your movers to the final cost and slight variations usually come as no surprise – the cost can exceed the estimated moving quote or it can be lower than the previously predicted one.

Non-binding moving estimates should be issued in writing and state all services involved. Issuing a non-binding moving estimate is usually free of charge, which is not the case with binding estimates.

Binding moving estimates

Binding moving estimate provides the exact amount you are expected to pay for the moving services. Even if the final cost is higher or lower than the estimated one, you still need to pay the agreed amount.

For instance, during one of our movers an underestimation of the items was made. This was found out by the driver on the move day. The driver cannot go out and load a shipment and tell the client to pay additional fees for that. The client does not have to deal with the driver. Rather when he gets out and is a bind estimate, if he thinks that the actual estimate made was quiet low, he would call the head quarters and challenge the estimate.

The Van Line will have a procedure to confirm the prize and also accountable for the additional moving cost. For other Van Lines selected drivers will negotiate with the clients but we don’t.

Binding moving estimates are provided in writing and there should be indicated the charges referred to services outlined in the document. The final cost is based on the weight or cubic feet of your belongings.

Cost estimation for your move

Binding-not-to-exceed estimates

Binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate guarantees that you won’t be paying more than what’s stated on the estimate. But, if the final cost is lower than the estimated one, you are not obliged to pay the stated amount.

Qualities of a good moving company.

A good mover should have these 3 qualities ;


An experienced mover assists during a move and helps you to save cost and avoid damages during the move.

Our moving estimators are experienced,having the skills to assist during your move and will help to save you the cost of having to pay for packing\unpacking.


Equipment such as plastics, tapes, boxes, strong storage bags, crates needed during a move should be provided by the moving company. When they are absent moving will be challenging and damages can occur as well.

Storage facilities

Having a moving company with storage facilities is necessary. At destination there might be need for it if delay occurs. With a secured storage facility, the moved items is in safe hands. When damages occur you can make claims.

Estimating items to be moved

Most low cost moving company don’t have all this. At destination when a storage service is needed they will store up your items with another moving company. When damages occur the two moving companies would deny the claims leaving the client with no other option than to bear the responsibilities of such damage. Be sure you ask about it.

Why move with Victory Van?

Victory Van estimators are your sure companions. We always have you at heart and will always want to assist you throughout the move. With us you can be rest assured to save more during your move.

Our estimators are well trained and experienced and will always be available to assist before, during and after the move.

We will always give you a valve for the money you invest during the move.Call us for your move.

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