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Professional Moving and Storage Safety Tips in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, & Coral Springs, FLProfessional Moving and Storage Safety Tips in Alexandria, VA & Surrounding Areas

When planning for your upcoming move, there are many steps and things to consider. The safety of yourself, your family, or your employees is an essential concern. Packing safely, communicating, and creating a safe clean space to move in will all help your move be completed with minimal risk. See some of Victory Van Corporation's top moving and storage safety tips today.

Moves can be stressful. Let’s take some extra steps to create a safe experience.

  1. Have your kids and pets babysat or away from the movement of move-in day for their safety.
  2. If moving in the heat, have water, the AC on, sunscreen, sunglasses, and light clothes.
  3. Plan a schedule ahead of time to avoid rushing, moving large objects, and more.
  4. Do not bend over or arch your back when lifting.
  5. Don’t carry more than you can lift. Ask for help from movers or friends for heavy items.
  6. Lift items with your back straight and using your legs.
  7. Measure furniture ahead of time to make sure it fits in doorways in the old and new locations.
  8. Pack with new and good-condition boxes to avoid breaking or damaging items.
  9. Dress for movement, wear closed shoes, no baggy or loose clothes.
  10. Keep floors and pathways clear to avoid tripping or falling.
  11. Prepare paths outside your home such as trimming low tree branches or clearing away debris.
  12. Use packing supplies for fragile items to avoid breaking.
  13. Tape cardboard boxes to make them more secure.
  14. Do not overpack boxes with heavy items—these can break, risk injury, and strain.
  15. For big items or appliances, use moving equipment such as dollies or sliders.
  16. Wear work gloves to protect your hands and lift with a good grip.
  17. Meet with and hire only licensed professional movers.

Use these tips to begin planning your move. Safety steps are important to avoid possible injury, damage, or accidents during a move. Take your time, don’t rush, and complete your move on an established schedule. Professional moving and storage services can help streamline this process as well.


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