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Are you tired of the big city fuss and stress yet you can't let go of an urban lifestyle? We all know that finding a balance between these two is not easy, yet there is a place where you can have the best of both worlds: Frederick, MD.

If there is anything that this city offers it is balance. You'd be living in a small (still walkable!) city, relaxed and close to nature, while also having all the services and activities that a big city offers, such as restaurants, art galleries, great public schools, among others.

Our 10 reasons why to move to Frederick, MD.


1.-Great downtown area

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Frederick's downtown has come a long way since the 1976 flood. It was due to this tragic event that the Carroll Creek was built. Ever since then, the downtown area has done nothing but grow and revive. You can now find indie shops, restaurants, galleries, residences, businesses and historic buildings

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The whole area is a living and breathing historic downtown. There is also a growing number of high-tech firms in Frederick, so if you put all of these ingredients together (art, technology, history), the city ends up becoming a cool and funky place to live in, with a very special vibe of its own.



2.- Perfect balance between country-city lifestyles

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While having all the of the city's activities mentioned above, Frederick is also still connected to its agricultural roots. There are working farms nearby and several farmer's markets are held, as well as the Great Frederick Fair, which promotes agriculture. There are more farms in Frederick County than there are in any other state counties.

Now, not only is there agriculture going on but you can also enjoy a nature-related outdoors lifestyle, since there are many parks to enjoy, such as the Catoctin Mountain National Park or the Cunningham Falls State Park. Frederick County also has many with wine trails and a growing microbrewery culture in the city. Once again, perfect balance!

3.- Easy commute to major cities

commute to frederick md from DCThere are several ways to commute to some major cities. For example, for those who commute to DC or Northern Virginia, there is a train that travels three times on weekday mornings or there are buses that go into local metros. Plus, there are also 3 major airports within an hour drive distance (Reagan, Dulled International and BWI International) and an Amtrak train to NYC from Baltimore. You can take a shuttle from Frederick to Baltimore to catch this 4 hour train ride to NYC. The commuting is so easy that some people actually work at some of these major cities but live in Frederick. At the end of the day, it's less stressful and yes, housing is cheaper (we'll get to that).

4.- Close to mountains and beaches as well

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Not only it is easy to commute from Frederick to major cities, but there are also mountains and beaches that you can "escape" to as well. Frederick is 2–1/2 hours from the Western Maryland mountains and 2–1/2 hours from the ocean. You can satisfy your different traveling needs and wants in no time!

5.- It is affordable

victory van moving companyMany people have moved from DC to Frederick due to DC's high (almost unaffordable!) housing prices. This has of course increased housing costs in Frederick but it is still way more affordable to live here than it is in DC. Houses in Frederick come in all sizes and prices, from tiny historic homes (downtown) to regular homes or even mansions. As of February 2017, the median home price is about $260K, which is lower than the state average. If we combine these low home prices with the many free activities there are to do in Frederick, turns out it this a very affordable city to live in and enjoy.

6.- Growing businesses

allied van lie agent victory vanRichard Griffin, Frederick’s director of Economic Development, says that Frederick is a great place to invest in business. The current largest employer is Fort Detrick, with nearly 9,500 employees. There is also AstraZeneca, an international pharmaceutical producer and researcher. The biotech research and development is growing in the area as well. There are over 3,400 businesses located in Frederick, 600 of them located in the city’s historic downtown area.

7.- There is art!

As George Bernard Shaw said, "you use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul". Art matters and in this town, it is alive and well, since you can find:

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  • Many small theaters, art galleries and public art
  • The Weinburg Center for performing arts
  • The Maryland Shakespeare Festival
  • Several museums, including the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.
  • The Delaplaine Arts center


8.- A Real four seasons weather

reasons to move usaAlthough weather is all over the map lately, we can say that Frederick's inhabitants still enjoy the whole 4 seasons. For instance, the surrounding mountains look beautiful during the fall and you can go skiing during winter at the northern part of the country. Same with the corresponding spring and summer activities.


9.- Public schools

moving interstate usaFrederick currently ranks No. 1 in the state for its public school system. It is also home to Frederick Community College, a campus of Mount St. Mary’s and Hood College. So be not afraid to move here with your family, since education is a priority in this city and there are great schools to choose from.


10.- It's livable!

Frederick is a livable town: You can find it all at a walking distance (forget about traffic, parking and driving); There are outdoor activities to enjoy; You can find a variety of restaurants and art-related activities; The people from the shops actually know you by your name. Is is a friendly city with a vibe of its own!

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In all, and as we've said it before, Frederick is the perfect balance between a city and a country lifestyle. What are you waiting for?

Moving? Next step:

If you indeed make up your mind about moving to Frederick, your next step would be to find a moving company that you can trust. It is important to find an experienced and qualified company so the moving process turns out to be a rather good one. Do your homework well, do some research and avoid moving nightmares.

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