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Checklist for a long-distance move

As you know long distance moving is different from moving across the town. Long-distance moving is much more challenging, time-consuming and tiring than a local move. International moves, one example of a long distance move, are even trickier to coordinate. You’ve got to have the details correct and in order form the get go. 

Long-distance moving is stressful and requires a lot of effort with planning and organizing. More advance planning is needed for a long-distance move than a local move. Keep reading for a list of a few items you will want to include in your checklist for a long-distance move. 

Decide what items you are moving 

There are of things in our homes that we don’t use anymore but have kept it any way. My basement is full of stuff I could get rid of. Maybe yours is too! But before your long distance move, it’s best to get rid of the things you don’t use. Moving is a great time to clean out all these items. Long distance move costs are dependent on the weight of what’s moving. There is no sense in paying for moving the things you don’t use. Sell these things off and take with you only what’s necessary.


Get your packing supplies in order 

Before the long-distance move, you will have to get an early start by getting your boxes, packing material and shipping tape. Make sure to keep the boxes on hand. You can get the boxes either at the store or from your relatives and friends. You can also ask local grocery stores as they generally have spare boxes lying around. 

Change your address 

Right before your leave your current home, make sure to change your old address to the new one. Change your address with the post office and other companies. The easiest way to do it is by going online to the post office’s change of address site. Address changes need to be made at your banks, insurance company, a credit card company, etc. If you don’t change the address, mail will end up at your old house and then it just causes delays which causes more stress. A long distance move is enough stress at once! 

Get familiar with your new locality

If possible, we recommend you spend some time in your new neighborhood before the move. By becoming just a little familiar with the new neighborhood you will feel more comfortable when you finally settle there. Visit the new neighborhood and spend some time getting to know the nearby restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, and shopping malls, etc. And – make sure to enroll your children in school before moving to the new neighborhood.

Find the best home moving company

The need, and importance, for hiring a trusted home moving company is doubled for a long-distance move. Long-distance move requires a lot of planning and effort. It is very difficult to handle everything on your own which is why we recommend that you hire a trusted home moving company who will make sure everything is done perfectly. You can call Victory Van which is a Home Moving and Storage Company for your next long-distance move. We are one of the best home moving company in the industry. 


Use or Get Rid of Things a Moving Company Can’t Move

There are certain items that by law a moving company can’t take. Perishable goods can’t be transported, cosmetics, wine, flammable materials, cleaning supplies, bug spray, paint. Use up what you can before the move. Your wine collection you’ll have to either take yourself or ship it. Perishable good and your pantry items will need to be disposed of. 

Move with Victory Van 

Are you planning a long-distance move soon? Do you want it to be stress-free and safe? If so, Victory Van should be your first choice. We are one of the best home and office moving companies with years of experience and trained professional movers on our team. Hire our long distance movers for your move and make it a memorable experience rather than a tiring one. 

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