Moving internationally - Ireland!

Welcome to International Moves – a series of posts about moving abroad.  In our first post, we will highlight moving to Ireland.  As you will discover, the post shares a snapshot of what you might expect when moving to Ireland.


Moving to Ireland

Few places are associated with as much charm and romance as the Emerald Isle. You may have fallen in love with Ireland’s gorgeous landscapes, cultural treasures and friendly people on previous vacations. Maybe you’ve never been but have always dreamed of going. Now, you’ve received the news that you’re moving there.

What do you need to know about Ireland? You could fill a library with the guidebooks, histories, and novels about this small gem of a country, so in this post, we’ll keep to the basics. And remember that while you’re dreaming of your move to Ireland, you can let Victory Van handle the move for you so that dream doesn’t become a nightmare.


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Culture, History, and Language

When you talk about Ireland, you’re actually talking about two separate countries.

The Republic of Ireland is an independent, sovereign republic with its own government. The capital city is Dublin. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom (UK). Its capital is Belfast.

Irish and English are the two official state languages, but most Irish people use English as their primary language. English is the standard language for business, banking, and industry.


Green Beauty

Ireland is justly known for its beautiful landscapes. Its topography includes forests, marshes, bogs, farmland, and coastlines. Throughout Ireland, hundreds of varieties of wildflowers blanket the fields.

The weather is mild most of the year, and yes, it rains a lot, which is why it’s so green.

Famous Irish products include wool, lace, whiskey, Guinness beer and Waterford crystal.


Guiness beer Dublin, Ireland


Driving In Ireland

Some travelers say that driving is the best way to explore Ireland’s countryside. Just keep these tips in mind.

In Ireland, you drive on the left-hand side of the road. TripSavvy recommends these pointers for driving in Ireland:

  • Ireland is mostly rural, so be prepared to stop frequently for animals and farm equipment.
  • Don’t expect gas (petrol) stations to stay open late or take credit cards.
  • Cars are unnecessary in Dublin or other Irish cities.


Sports and Pastimes

Soccer (known as football there) is popular in Ireland, as it is in the rest of Europe. The Irish actually prefer their own version, called Gaelic football. Gaelic football and hurling, a high-speed version of field hockey, are the “national sports” of Ireland.

With beaches on every side and countless inland lakes and rivers, Ireland has become a popular destination for water sports including fishing, kayaking, sailing and deep sea diving.

Ireland offers a wealth of activities. Nature lovers will find spectacular scenery at every turn, and history lovers will discover fascinating facts about the ancient Celtic culture.


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Arts and Literature

Ireland has produced some of the greatest writers in the English language, and the Irish pride themselves on their ability to speak and write beautifully. The country hosts many different literary events including the Belfast Book Festival and the Dublin International Literary Festival.

Ireland’s universities rank among the best in the world. The best-known include Trinity College Dublin, which was established in 1592, and the National University of Ireland at Galway.

Trinity College Ireland


Travel Information

Traveling to Ireland will require a visa. There are several different types. For a detailed explanation of the various visas that you can use, visit the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service.

Travel to Northern Ireland requires a U.K. visa. You’ll also need an Irish visa if you’re traveling back and forth between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Traveling with Pets

If you’re hoping to let Fido run free in the green hills, you can, but you’ll have to follow some strict regulations.

You need to show proof that your pet has an up-to-date rabies vaccination and is micro chipped. If you’re bringing a dog, you also need to show proof that your pet was treated for tapeworm.

For details on bringing animals to Ireland, see the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.


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